Melbourne security upgrades

Increasing safety and security around the Melbourne CBD.

The temporary concrete blocks and barriers around Melbourne are being replaced with long-term measures, to improve safety for people visiting, living and working in the city.

We’re also installing upgraded security cameras and a new public-address system, so police and emergency services can direct people if there’s an emergency.

The upgrades will provide protection for pedestrians from vehicle-based attacks, as well as improve how police monitor and respond to incidents.

The State Government is investing $52.5 million to deliver the measures, in partnership with Victoria Police and the City of Melbourne.

Works in progress

The City of Melbourne website has information on current construction works, disruptions or detours.

Information on construction and disruptions

Public-address system

Speakers have been installed in 94 locations to create a public-address system for use in emergencies.

Victoria Police can use the system to provide warnings and safety information.

The system works alongside other emergency management messaging, such as text messages, as well as police and emergency services on the scene of any incident.

Security cameras

Melbourne's CCTV network has been expanded, with 30 new cameras added and the existing cameras and network upgraded.

To read more about CCTV cameras in the CBD, see the City of Melbourne Safe City network page.

Map of the protected sites

Long-term protections

The concrete blocks and barriers at nine of Melbourne’s busiest and high-profile pedestrian sites are being replaced with steel bollards, barriers, street furniture and other long-term measures.

The aim is to create protective zones for pedestrians, and balance the needs of everyone using the sites, along with safety, engineering, design and heritage aspects.

More information on what’s planned for each of the sites is below. For information on current construction works, disruptions or detours, visit the City of Melbourne website.

Reviewed 25 February 2020

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