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Release 1.39.0

Here's what's in our March 2022 release.

Content and site updates

New 'change request detail' field

When a page needs reviewing by the content team - i.e. 'Needs review' or 'Archive pending' - a new 'change request detail' field must now be updated.

This provides the reviewer with information on why the change is requested.

The following guides are now available in the CMS menu:

Spelling and grammar checker

Rich text editors now have an inbuilt spelling and grammar checker that will show issues with a red underline.

New component: Statistics grid

A new component, called Statistics grid is a clean visual way to display data.

Embedded videos

  • When embedding a video, 'embedded with transcript' is now ticked by default.
  • 'Host site [i.e Vimeo] refused to display' bug is fixed.
  • Users can now view Vimeo videos at full screen.

Find out more on our Add a video and Create useful transcripts pages.

Form radio buttons

When building a form, you now have the option of displaying radio buttons in one, two or three columns. This gives you more display options for longer lists.

Find out more on our Forms page.

  • The menu page is now ordered alphabetically by default.
  • After adding or editing a menu link and saving, you are returned to the specific edit menu page you were working on and not the main menu listing.

Removing spaces from file names

Document file names containing spaces will be reconfigured so spaces are replaced with dashes.

This will make the file URLs easier to read. It will benefit users when downloading the files and SDP community members when reporting on them.

Site admins can now add links to a department's social media accounts that will display on the fat footer area.

Published pages audit log

Site admins will now be able to see:

  • all pages that have been approved
  • the name of the user who made each approval
  • the name of the page/node
  • the time and date the approval was made.

Unicode stripped from body text component

When pasting content into a rich text editor, all unicode spaces (e.g.,<0x200b>) will be replaced with a standard space. This has been causing spacing issues between words on the live site.

Display of some fonts for languages other than English

We've fixed a bug where some language fonts and characters were not displaying as formatted (i.e. some bold characters displaying as not bolded).

Profile image not maintaining 1:1 ratio

Profile images will now be displayed in 1:1 ratio without squashing/skewing the image.

Page redirects issue

An bug with redirects has been fixed.

Accordions and printing publications

We've had an issue where accordions don't expand when printing publications. All accordions expand now.

User interface

New social media icons

Spotify and WeChat icons have been added to the Ripple library.


Elasticsearch Connector configuration

All Elasticsearch Connector configuration is managed using CMDB (Lagoon env vars). All Elasticsearch Connector config files are now removed from config_split configuration.

Cheerio update

Cheerio allows us to identify components in user-generated content, and do further processing on them when needed (eg. adding our own ripple-link for video transcripts). This update resolves some security vulnerabilities.

Fixes and updates for specific websites

Reviewed 16 June 2022

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