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Release 1.40.0

Here's what's in our June 2022 release.

Content updates

Content Collection component

Editors can create a listing of specific landing pages and news pages. This listing includes an optional text field for users to search for other pages. This can be added on the landing page template.

Find out how to create a content collection.

Added right-to-left formatting for transcript pages

We've added right-to-left (RTL) language functionality to transcripts. Editors can now add the appropriate language tag to the video's metadata in the media library.

Read more about creating useful transcripts.

News page site section menus

Editors can now add site section navigation menus to news pages.

Learn how to create news content.

Linking contact details

Adding a phone number or email address into the link field will now hyperlink by default. This removed the need to add 'tel:' or 'mailto:'. This makes it easier to add links to contact details.

Learn how to add hyperlinks.

Review tab pagination

Under the review tab, previous revisions now paginate across pages. This is instead of the long list which editors found hard to navigate.

Custom Collection component

This component is an advanced version of the Content Collection component. This allows for custom search listings that site admins can configure.

Added accordion headings to table of contents

Editors can choose to add the accordion headings to the table of contents. Clicking a heading on the page will take users to the expanded accordion.

User interface improvements

Mobile breadcrumbs

Mobile breadcrumbs are now available on,.au. This improves usability and makes it easier for users to navigate through pages.

Removed stripe from navigation cards

We've removed the rainbow stripe on navigation cards. This is in line with the information architecture project changes.

Updated site logo alt text descriptions

We've updated the site logo meta descriptions to improve accessibility.

Site improvements and bug fixes

SDP user guide links in the CMS now open in a new tab. This reduces the risk of users losing their work and improves the user experience.

Extended CMS user auto-logout time

We've extended the automatic CMS log-out time, which reduces the risk of lost work. And a pop-up prompt will display before logging out a user.

Organisation listing page

We've added a centralised search listing for the Victorian Government departments and agenciesExternal Link .

Accessibility improvements

We've completed accessibility improvements around screen readers and forms.

CMS user profile: Mandatory email field

When adding a user to the CMS, the email field is now mandatory.

Video embed: added title tag to iframe code

To improve accessibility, iframes now have a title in the metadata. This pulls in from the title added in the CMS.

CMS media library: Replace spaces in file names

Media items and their URLs will now format to replace spaces with dashes. This makes the URLs easier to read, which aids with reporting.

Updated forms privacy statement

We've updated the Drupal forms privacy statement template to reflect privacy policy updates.

Site no longer supports Internet Explorer

Read more at Ending support for Internet Explorer.

Specific editors for common pages

Site admins can now use the 'Groups' module to make specific pages only editable by a specific group of users. This will lock down shared pages so only the approved editors can edit the page.

Removed the 'Add menu' button from the menus screen

We've removed the 'Add Menu' button on the CMS menus page. The button was misleading and the incorrect way to add menus.

Fixed page cloning issue

We've fixed a bug where an editor was unable to clone a page if they only had access to a site section and not the parent site.

Statistic Grid bug

We've fixed a bug in the Statistics Grid component. Some grids were not updating when grids were either added or removed.

Fixed search result page re-scrolling bug

We've fixed a bug on a search listing page. When a user would click to view the next page of results, it would load at the bottom of the next page. The next page now loads at the top.

Fixed media file multi-language names rendering bug

We've fixed a bug that stopped file names with non-English characters from formatting correctly.

Fixed promotion card date bug

Resolved a bug where the event promotion card was not pulling the date through correctly.


Apple M1 compatibility

Developers using Apple M1 computers can now use our Drupal environment.

Fixes and updates for specific websites

Reviewed 05 July 2023