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Release 1.41.0

Here's what's in our September 2022 release.

Content updates

The image gallery component help links now open in a new window. Opening in the same window had resulted in editors losing work.

Learn how to create an image gallery.

Added back button when inserting media items

Editors were stuck in a loop when trying to add a media item to a page. We've added a back button to stop this from happening.

Learn more about images, video, audio and documents.

When you search for an internal link, results will display:

  • page title
  • site/site section
  • published state (published, draft or archived)
  • node number
  • parent publication (if linking to a publication child page).

Learn how to format basic text.

Statistics grid on publication content type

The statistics grid will be available on the publication content type. This includes on child pages.

Google search results no longer display our CMS preview pages. Because they are unpublished pages, this resulted in 404 errors.

Learn how to preview and share draft pages.

Adding a table of contents to your sitemap

Site admins can now add a table of contents to their domain sitemap on the CMS taxonomy page.

View the sitemap.External Link

Form improvements

Form users can now see which forms they have already downloaded.

Before this update, editors had no way of knowing this. This has caused duplicate exports and deleting the wrong submissions.

Learn how to build and maintain forms.

Spaces in file names replaced with dashes

The CMS would replace spaces in file names with numbers and special characters (%20). This will change to dashes (-).

For example, the:

  • old version will display as:
    • Private%20Wildlife%20Licence%20Application%20Form%20v21.2.pdf
  • new version will display as:
    • Private-Wildlife-Licence-Application-Form-v21.2.pdf.

Learn more about images, video, audio and documents.

Table of content updates

We've reviewed and improved the copy when adding a table of contents.

We've also removed accordions from the table of contents due to functionality issues. To feature the accordion heading in the table of contents, add:

  1. a basic text component above the accordion
  2. the appropriate heading style (usually H2) in the rich text editor.

Learn how to show table of contents.


Accessibility improvements

  • Each content component will have its own unique ID.
  • Form error text is now specific to the field.

Page load times improved

We've improved load times across all sites, particularly those with deep menus.

Other development work

  • We've changed the CMS scrape and migration functionality. Now we can complete it without deployment, and admin developers can run it.
  • We've removed the admin toolbar search from the CMS.
  • Semi sites can now add content in the demo environment.
  • Cleaned up the root composer.
  • We've disabled and removed 'tide_event_atdw'.
  • Deprecated code is now supported.

Site improvements and bug fixes

Admins with no site section permissions can now view preview pages.

The option to open a button link in a new tab or window now works as expected

Cloning pages with site sections

Site and primary site values now transfer to cloned pages.

News items in site search results

Search results now display news item summaries.

Redirects with a trailing slash error

Redirects with a trailing slash no longer fail (404). A trailing slash is a forward slash (/) at the end of a URL—for example, Link .

Sub-site pages displaying in CMS search results

If a page features more than one sub-site, it no longer displays all instances in the CMS 'content' page.

Clearing search filters on the organisation listing page

On our organisation listing page, clearing filters no longer causes an exception.

Alternative text - or 'alt text' - now renders on banner logos.

Test environment user interface

The text environment now shows the correct user interface (UI).

Reviewed 31 August 2022