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The story so far

North Richmond will be a safe, thriving, and connected community with high-quality homes activated by a vibrant community.

We have prepared a draft master plan for the North Richmond housing site. Through community engagement to date, there are well-established priorities to support the transformation of the site.

The Victorian Government is working to make North Richmond a better place to live, work in and visit. The master plan is one of many activities underway to achieve our vision. It will focus on improvements including new housing, uses which respond to local needs and provide opportunities for employment, new safer streets, and better green and shared places.

There are 4 key phases to developing the Master plan. In phase 2, Homes Victoria prepared a framework to provide a high-level spatial vision for the site, which was consulted on in late 2021.

We are now in phase 3. In this phase, the framework has been refined into a detailed draft master plan and we are now coming back to the community for further consultation.

The master plan process

4 grey boxes showing the phases of the master plan
The master plan process
Phase 1: Activation Phase 2: Framework Phase 3: Refine Phase 4: Finalise
  • Review background work
  • Talk to stakeholders about initial ideas
  • Establish key principles
  • Summarise background information
  • Prepare high-level framework
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Community
  • Further develop master plan
  • Deep dive into specific topics
  • Stakeholder and community workshops
  • Finalise master plan
  • Seek approvals
  • Report back to stakeholders and community
Late 2021 Early 2022 Mid 2022

Download The master plan process

Reviewed 11 April 2022

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