Appendix 1: Disclosure index

Details of the Authority's compliance with statutory disclosure requirements.

Legislation Requirement Page
Report of operations
Charter and purpose
FRD 22H Manner of establishment and the relevant ministers 3
FRD 22H Purpose, functions, powers and duties 3, 7, 11
FRD 8D Objectives, indicators and outputs 8, 16–17
FRD 22H Key initiatives and projects 8–9, 16
FRD 22H Nature and range of services provided 3, 51
Management and structure
FRD 22H Organisational structure 51
Financial and other information
FRD 8D Performance against output performance measures 16-17
FRD 8D Budget portfolio outcomes 17
FRD 10A Disclosure index 48
FRD 12B Disclosure of major contracts 57
FRD 15D Executive officer disclosures 41
FRD 22H Employment and conduct principles 54
FRD 22H Occupational Health and Safety Policy 54
FRD 22H Summary of the financial results for the year 15
FRD 22H Significant changes in financial position during the year 15
FRD 22H Major changes or factors affecting performance 15
FRD 22H Subsequent events 60
FRD 22H Application and operation of Freedom of Information Act 1982 58
FRD 22H Compliance with building and maintenance provisions of Building Act 1993 57
FRD 22H Statement on Competitive Neutrality Policy 57
FRD 22H Application and operation of the Protected Disclosure Act 2012 59
FRD 22H Application and operation of the Carers Recognition Act 2012 59
FRD 22H Details of consultancies over $10,000 57
FRD 22H Details of consultancies under $10,000 57
FRD 22H Disclosure of government advertising expenditure 58
FRD 22H Disclosure of ICT expenditure 58
FRD 22H Statement of availability of other information 56
FRD 24D Reporting of office-based environmental impacts 57
FRD 25C Victorian Industry Participation Policy disclosures 58
FRD 29C Workforce data disclosures 55-56
SD 5.2 Specific requirements under Standing Direction 5.2 53
Compliance attestation and declaration
SD 5.2.3 Declaration in report of operations 53
Financial statements
SD 5.1.4 Attestation for compliance of Ministerial Standing Direction 53
SD 5.2.3 Declaration in financial statements 20
Other requirements under Standing Directions 5.2
SD 5.2.1(a) Compliance with Australian accounting standards and other authoritative pronouncements 26
SD 5.2.1(a) Compliance with Ministerial Directions 20
SD 5.2.1(b) Compliance with Model Financial Report 20-47
Other disclosures as required by FRDs in notes to the financial statements
FRD 9B Departmental disclosure of administered assets and liabilities by activity na
FRD 11A Disclosure of ex gratia expenses na
FRD 13 Disclosure of parliamentary appropriations na
FRD 21C Disclosures of responsible persons, executive officers and other personnel (contractors with significant management responsibilities) in the financial report 40–41,
FRD 103G Non-financial physical assets na
FRD 110A Cash flow statements 25, 35
FRD 112D Defined benefit superannuation obligations na
Building Act 1993 57
Carers Recognition Act 2012 59
Financial Management Act 1994 20, 26
Freedom of Information Act 1982 58
Protected Disclosure Act 2012 59
Victorian Industry Participation Policy Act 2003 58