Performance measures

Our key performance measures over the next 2 years will help us deliver a quality Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme.

In keeping with our vision of delivering a quality Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme to protect the benefits of those who are entitled to them, our key performance measure over the next three years is to have 165,000 workers registered under the Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme.

As a Regulator, the Authority is required to meet the targets set by the Minister for Industrial Relations through a formal Statement of Expectations. This statement will be reported annually, and will include expectations relating to:

  • timeliness, efficiency and effectiveness
  • employing risk-based approaches to regulatory operations
  • providing easy to understand, effective and accessible compliance information to the public
  • ensuring accountability and transparency of operations, and
  • undertaking clear and consistent regulatory activities

At an operational level, the Authority has also developed a number of key performance measures to monitor the progress of key activities within the Authority. These key performance measures are detailed in Appendix 1 of the Corporate Plan.