The Portable Long Service Benefits Authority has a Governing Board comprising a mix of expert skills, qualifications and experience.

Governing Board and Chief Executive Officer / Registrar

The Portable Long Service Benefits Authority has a Governing Board comprising a mix of expert skills, qualifications and experience. It includes individuals from organisations representing employers and workers in the three covered industries.

Our Governing Board members are:

  • Mr Julius Roe, Chair
  • Ms Claire Filson, Deputy Chair
  • Ms Emma King
  • Ms Kate Marshall
  • Mr Tim Piper
  • Ms Rachaell Saunders
  • Ms Julie Warren
  • Ms Linda White
  • Mr Joseph Yeung, CEO / Registrar

The Chief Executive Officer and Registrar, Mr Joseph Yeung, who is a member of the Governing Board, is also responsible for the day-to-day management of the Authority and its operations.


Finance and Operations

The Finance and Operations division underpins our operations and the Chief Financial Officer who leads the division has specific responsibilities under the Financial Management Act 1994. Monitoring performance and budgeting for sustainability are imperative for the ongoing viability of the Authority and the Scheme, and a robust investment strategy ensures worker’s entitlements are managed prudently.

The division also delivers our core registry and enforcement functions through engaging with employers and supporting them to fulfil their obligations.

Corporate Governance, Communication and Education

The Corporate Governance, Communication and Education division ensures good governance, is the custodian of the integrity framework and delivers sound legal advice to the Authority, as well as facilitating the efficient and effective running of the Governing Board and the Audit and Risk Committee.

It also leads communications, identification of and engagement with key stakeholders and internal and external education activities to ensure that employers understand and can meet their obligations and workers know their rights.

The division is responsible for facilitating a sound internal and external understanding of compliance with the Act we administer and supporting the enforcement of those obligations through an effective external compliance framework.

Facilities and Information Technology

The Facilities and Information Technology division underpins our core operations and manages key vendors which support our network infrastructure and telephony systems. Having the best systems in place enables us to be efficient and effective in delivering our functions.

People and Culture

The People and Culture business unit support the growth and development of our people and culture. Our people are our greatest asset. Without our people, we have no capability to fulfil our statutory obligations under the Act.