The Tribunal's proposed approach

In making a Determination, the Tribunal must also consider:

  • any statement or policy issued by the Government of Victoria which is in force with respect to its wages policy (or equivalent) and the remuneration and allowances of any specified occupational group
  • the financial position and fiscal strategy of the State of Victoria
  • current and projected economic conditions and trends
  • submissions received in relation to the proposed Determination
  • any other prescribed matter.10

As earlier indicated, without limiting the matters on which persons or bodies might wish to make a submission, the Tribunal is particularly interested in receiving submissions on:

  • the role of Council members
  • the purpose of allowances for Council members
  • the factors for consideration in allocating Councils to allowance categories
  • the adequacy of the current allowance values
  • how superannuation should be taken into account in determining allowance values, if at all
  • the relevant ‘voluntary part-time community bodies’ and local government bodies for allowance comparison purposes
  • the financial impacts of varying allowance values.

To help facilitate submissions, some of these matters are discussed in the following chapters.


  1. VIRTIPS Act, s24(2).