31 May 2023

Submissions do not necessarily reflect the views of the Tribunal and assertions made in them have not been fact-checked.

Submissions have been published in de-identified form.

De-identified submission 1

Submission to the 2023 Local Government Annual Adjustment Determination.

I have been a Councillor at the [redacted] since [redacted]. I am also an elected Director of the [redacted]. I am making this submission in my personal capacity.

  • What adjustment to the values of allowances should the Tribunal consider, if any?

The Tribunal should consider that the workload of a Councillor is commonly understood to be at least 20 hours per week at a medium to large Council, and regularly up to 30 hours per week.

At my Council, a Category 3 Council where we are relatively well compensated compared to our smaller neighbours, this could equate to as little as $24.08 per hour. This is barely more than the national minimum wage of $21.38 per hour but without the benefits of leave loading, penalty rates, and other benefits of an employment relationship.

In order to attract quality candidates with the requisite skill and experience to appropriately discharge the duties of Councillors under the Act I believe it is necessary to consider substantial increases to Councillor allowances. However, Mayors and Deputy Mayors are currently appropriately remunerated.

  • Which economic and financial indicators should the Tribunal consider in adjusting the values of allowances?

The Tribunal should take into consideration the significant impact of inflation on the value of Councillor allowances. This has been significantly in excess of the value of the increase determined last year (2022).

  • Should the 2023 Annual Adjustment Determination take effect on 1 July 2023, of on some other date?

The Determination should take effect on 1 July 2023.

De-identified submission 2

Submission to the 2023 Local Government Annual Adjustment Determination.

I believe that the level of remuneration should be equal to the median wage at a minimum. For all councillors including Deputy Mayor. With the mayor receiving the same as now and be pegged against movements of the median wage going forward. The level of remuneration currently is not respectful.

It is critical we do not minimise the potential candidates as the role of councillor is a very serious role and should be remunerated to attract the best possible people. I speak to many who say it is not enough to cover the challenges you need to manage when you're a councillor.

De-identified submission 3

Submission to the 2023 Local Government Annual Adjustment Determination.

Good morning Victorian Government,

I hereby write to you today to stop any increase to pay for the above Council, namely [redacted], for the following reasons.

1. [redacted] is one of the most underfunded districts in Victoria, [redacted] has caused significant debt from the [redacted] where [redacted] dollars was given by the State Government. The whole [redacted] cost [redacted] dollars (fully paid by the Ratepayer), yet the Executives and Councillors get rewarded for no effort on funding towards the [redacted]. Except for photo opportunities.

2. [redacted] is one of the most disadvantaged areas in Victoria, [redacted], yet you increase the pay of our Councillors, this is nothing short of a disgrace!!

3. Many of our Councillors have second jobs, some of them with plump Local, State and Federal jobs, so they double dip the public purse, this is simply outrageous, unethical and shows a complete lack of unethical spending by the Victorian Government.

4. How dare they get a pay rise when most are struggling to pay their mortgages, put food on the table, most people haven't got pay rises for more than 15 years!!! The last 3 years during the pandemic, many lost jobs, and yet here you are, giving Councillors and CEO’s a pay rise!!! For what reason exactly???

5. [redacted] has a long history of [redacted], lack of funding, [redacted], and poorly funded infrastructure due to [redacted]. If you drive around our suburbs, we look like a third world country, why is the [redacted] municipality so underfunded and derelict? What is the return on our investment in our municipality when our Councillors just turn up to meetings, [redacted].

6. I have personally written to our Councillors, over hundreds of times, yet the only response I have ever received is about 5 emails. What is it that they do except for turn up for meetings, [redacted]? There are no consequences, there are no KPIs, there should be KPI’s and proof shown that our [redacted] Councillors get paid for what they do.

7. [redacted].

8. Cap allowances for Councillors, increase on performance via community feedback, [redacted].

9. No increase to any pay until they show us exactly what they do, Councils are one of the most highly paid public servants in the Country, yet her you are, just giving them free money with a community consultation or explanation.

10. Pay increases to their allowances need to be based on performance of funding for the municipality, there needs to be a yearly community forum where Councillors, CEOs and Executives show/speak to the community exactly what they’ve done, by way of using a rate scoring analysis tool and an open forum and display it in the annual financial report.

Lastly, your whole system of remuneration needs an overhaul and investigation, otherwise these feedback and consultations ARE A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!

Kind Regards,