De-identified submission 8

A submission to the Determination of allowances for Mayors, Deputy Mayors and Councillors

We do NOT want increases in councillor and mayor allowances!

To have services reduced and our rates increased by over $500(!) during this time of reduced work and financial hardship, not to mention stress, I find it appalling and extremely distasteful that a pay increase for council members is even considered. You are not exactly showing that we are in this together and that you are ‘working for us’.

This council is failing it’s community. Wake up and see how unhappy and disgruntled your community members are.

Try bringing back weekly recycling, this will help our streets look less like a ghetto. We have taken our glass bin out once so far since it was introduced. Plus the 6.15am glass collection is ridiculous.

Listen to your community and maybe choose to help them rather than raid them.



De-identified submission 8
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