Submission 4

Submission 4 (de-identified)
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12 July 2021

Mr Warren McCann, Chair
Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal
Suite 1, Ground Floor, 1 Treasury Place
Melbourne Victoria 3002

Dear Mr McCann,


I am writing to make a submission to the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal (VIRTIPS) on behalf of (redacted). (redacted) are seeking for the maximum possible increase be paid to the Chief Executive Officer (redacted) and the Executive Officers (redacted) effective from 1 July 2021.

(redacted) are listed as a prescribed public entities in the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal and Improving Parliamentary Standards {Prescribed Public Entities) Regulations 2019 (Vic).

The Chief Executive Officer (redacted) and the Executive Officers (redacted) are responsible to lead the (redacted) in a significant role in delivering the ambitious state-wide reforms outlined in (redacted). These roles also lead key activities aligned to key areas of focus as specified in the Ministerial Statement of Expectations (redacted).

All Ministerial staff and the Minister (redacted) have received pay increases in the last 18 months. Our staff members have received a 3% increase in 2020-2021 and another pay increase is planned for them in 2021-2022.

Executive Officers were the only ones across the public sector not to receive an increase in 2020.

(redacted) have recently become aware that the scheduled work value assessment by the VPSC, which may have provided (redacted) executives a pay increase to a fair and equitable level with their peers in (redacted), will not occur as a result of intervention by (redacted).

(redacted) Our executives have shown great commitment and loyalty to their work in relatively low paid positions and, given the current uncertainty of their (redacted) and workforce, have to manage much more complex situations and stakeholder relationships.

Our executives are critical to the delivery of our business plans and statutory requirements and have such a depth of knowledge and strong relationships with key stakeholders that the loss of any of them will significantly impair our ability to deliver the next twelve months of work. The engagement of these executives is critical (redacted) and, as compensation is an important factor in employee satisfaction, we believe that an increase of 2% would be well deserved and received as a validation of their value.

Yours sincerely