11. Glossary

  • Applicant means an individual or organisation that has submitted the application for funding for a grant.
  • Application means the application submitted by the applicant to the Department for funding.
  • Department or State means the State of Victoria through its Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions.
  • Fair Jobs Code the Fair Jobs Code (Code) commenced 1 December 2022, and aims to encourage and reward businesses and suppliers that comply with industrial relations and occupational health and safety laws, and to promote Fair Jobs Code Standards.
  • Grant means funding given to organisations or individuals for a specified purpose to meet government policy objectives.
  • Grant Agreement means a document that details the conditions of the grant and sets out the relationship between the parties.
  • Grant Recipient means the legal entity that has entered into a grant agreement with the Department.
  • Local Jobs First the Local Jobs First Policy (LJF Policy) issued under the Local Jobs First Act 2003 supports businesses and workers by ensuring that small and medium size enterprises are given a full and fair opportunity to compete for both large and small government contracts, helping to create job opportunities, including for apprentices, trainees and cadets.
  • Pilot refers to the Victorian Sick Pay Guarantee pilot program.
  • Program refers to the People and Places Grant Program.
  • Program Guidelines refers to this document.
  • Project means the activities specified in the application by the applicant for which the grant is provided.