2. Applicant eligibility

The Department is seeking applications from organisations that can demonstrate an ability to reach and support high volumes of eligible casual and contract workers.

Applications that reflect capability to effectively engage with workers among the Pilot’s priority communities and locations (see 1.3 Priority Communities and Locations) will be highly regarded, with applications providing support to multiple priority communities and locations being strongly preferred.

2.1 Eligible applicants

To be eligible for this Program, your organisation must:

  • Hold a current Australian Business Number (ABN). To check your ABN, go to the Australian Business register webpage
  • Be based in Victoria or be the Victorian chapter of a national organisation,
  • Have no overdue final reports from previous department-funded grants, by the time of applying. If you are unsure whether your organisation is up to date with all grant reporting, email the Department spgpeopleandplaces@ecodev.vic.gov.au.
  • Be one of the following legal entity types:
    • A company incorporated in Australia,
    • An incorporated association,
    • A Victorian local government council,
    • Other incorporated entity (an industry association or business chambers),
    • A Victorian government entity structured as a company under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), or
    • A trustee on behalf of a trust (where the trust is the eligible business).1

Auspice – If your organisation is not incorporated or does not have an ABN, you may still apply if you are supported by an eligible auspice organisation that has agreed to manage the grant for you. Auspice organisations are required to meet the organisation eligibility criteria.

Trusts and Trustees – A trustee can apply on behalf of a trust and a partner can apply on behalf of a partnership provided that the trustee or partnership would otherwise be eligible and be able to meet the obligations under the signed agreement.

2.2 Ineligible applicants

The following are not eligible to apply:

  • Individuals, and
  • Sole traders.

2.3 Consortia proposals

Applications from consortia (i.e. multiple organisations) who can work collaboratively to address multiple priority communities or locations will be strongly preferred. A lead organisation must be identified for each consortium and only a single application should be submitted per consortium. The application should identify the partners, appropriate governance and project management arrangements, and confirmation of their willingness to participate in the consortium.

2.4 Eligibility for auspice arrangements

Applications will be accepted from auspice organisations applying on behalf of another organisation that is not a legal entity but meets all other eligibility requirements. If the application is successful, the auspice organisation becomes the official ‘recipient’ and will receive any funds allocated and is responsible for the acquittal of grant funds.

For more on auspice arrangements please contact the Department spgpeopleandplaces@ecodev.vic.gov.au.


1 A trustee can apply on behalf of a trust provided that the trustee will remain sufficiently liable for any terms or obligations for receiving a grant and meets the criteria as set out in Section 6.1.