Launch your career with an apprenticeship or traineeship

The Victorian Government is providing up to 1500 apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities per year to help Victorians who are finishing school or looking to re-skill, to kickstart a career on some of the biggest and most iconic infrastructure projects in the state.

  • Get paid while working towards your qualification on some of Victoria’s biggest infrastructure projects.

  • Be guided by industry experienced teachers, trainers and professionals – so you can put learning straight into practice.

  • As an apprentice or trainee, you’ll get access to dedicated support to help you manage your training and complete your qualification.

    Apprenticeships Victoria provides additional support to encourage people who have been hardest hit by the global pandemic or who do not typically consider a career in the trades, including women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and those from multicultural communities. 

Be a part of Victoria’s biggest projects

The Victorian Government is investing $70 billion in major infrastructure and smart technology projects to build more capacity on existing networks and fund improvements across roads, rail and ports.

A Big Build training pathway will get you involved in some of Victoria’s biggest projects, such as the North East Link and the New Footscray Hospital.

Learn more about major road and rail projects from Victoria’s Big Build.

About Apprenticeships Victoria

Apprenticeships Victoria is a partnership between the Victorian Government, major project employers, and the TAFE and training system to deliver more job opportunities for apprentices and trainees looking to start a career in the construction and infrastructure sector.

How you can get involved

Register your interest below and we’ll be in touch with you with the next steps.

How we will use your information

This consent notice explains how your personal information will be collected and handled if you choose to register your interest in undertaking an apprenticeship through Apprenticeships Victoria. 

  • The Victorian Government, through the Department of Education and Training (the Department), develops, monitors and funds education and training in Victoria. The Government’s new Big Build Apprenticeships initiative will address two key planks of Victoria's economic recovery – providing employment and training opportunities for more apprentices and trainees and ensuring a pipeline of skilled workers to deliver the Government's Big Build program.

    Apprenticeships Victoria will provide up to 1,500 opportunities for apprentices and trainees each year, ensuring that apprentices and trainees can kickstart their careers on some of Victoria's biggest and most iconic projects.

    Priority will be given to those apprentices and trainees that have been hardest hit by the global pandemic including those who have had their training suspended or cancelled, as well as women, young people and those from multicultural and Indigenous communities.

    Under the Victorian Government’s Big Build Apprenticeships Program, the Department is welcoming expressions of interest to be submitted from Victorian school leavers and others who are interested in undertaking an apprenticeship through the Program.

    Collection of your personal information

    In order to register your interest in undertaking an apprenticeship as part of the Big Build Apprenticeships Program we will collect the following information about you:

    Your name, age, your gender identity preference, email address, mobile/phone number, postcode

    Your current employment status and the industry you are currently employed in and on what basis, if relevant

    The types of trades, industries and which Government Big Build Projects you are interested in

    Level of education

    Some background information you may or may not choose to provide, such as:

    • if you identify as someone who is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
    • if English is not your first language
    • if you are a new arrival to Australia.

    The information you provide will be provided to Department staff involved in administering this Program, which includes the Apprenticeships Victoria Team and other Department staff providing support for the Program.

    The Department protects your personal information in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic), the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) and the Public Records Act 1973 (Vic).

    Use of your personal information

    Your information is used to support your registering of an interest in the Big Build Apprenticeships Program. There are only a limited number of places available in this Program per year. Therefore, this information will assist in ensuring that appropriate candidates are selected to complete the apprenticeships in this Program. This information will also be used to make sure that the Program gives priority to the groups identified in the description of this Program.

    Your personal information may be used to identify how the Department can best support candidates through their training journey. It may be that this support comes from a third party.

    The Department may use your personal information for administration, monitoring and planning purposes, and for analytical and evaluation purposes in relation to the Big Build Apprenticeships Program. This includes understanding whether the Program is effectively supporting the groups that the Project intends to assist and to ensure that applicants are placed in appropriate apprenticeship opportunities.

    Disclosure of your personal information

    Apprenticeships Victoria may disclose your personal information to one or more of the following third parties:

    Aggregated or de-identified data may be provided to other government departments or industry associations to understand what groups have been involved in the Program and in what sectors they undertook apprenticeships.

    Survey participation

    You may be contacted by the Department and asked to participate in a survey relating to your experience undertaking the Big Build Apprenticeships Program. This provides us with valuable feedback about the delivery and quality of this training and provides us with an opportunity to make any appropriate improvements. Participation would be voluntary. If you have any queries about participation in the survey please contact the Apprenticeships Victoria Team by emailing:

    Other reasons why we may contact you

    We may contact you to check on your progress and you may be included in an apprenticeships annual awards ceremony, or case studies.

    Consequences of not providing your personal information

    If you do not provide your personal information and consent to it being provided to third parties as listed above, it will not be possible for you to register for the Big Build Apprenticeships Program.

    Access, correction and complaints

    You have the right to seek access to, or correction of your own personal information. You can request access and correction of your information by contacting the Apprenticeships Victoria team at

    Further information

    For further information about the way the Department collects and handles personal information, including access, correction and complaints, read our privacy policy


    By completing the registration form and providing your details, you consent to providing your information via the Apprenticeships Victoria website and for your information to handled, including to be collected, used and disclosed as described in this consent notice.

Reviewed 30 March 2021

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