Message from the Secretary

The Department of Government Services (DGS) was established on 1 January 2023. As DGS Secretary, I am pleased to provide the Department’s inaugural Corporate Plan.

The creation of the department sets an ambitious vision for the future of government services.

It recognises the Victorian Government, as a provider of services to the Victorian community, needs to be responsive to changing customer needs and rapidly evolving digital technologies.

Driven by digital transformation, the department will create a single touchpoint to make it easy for Victorians to access the day-to-day services and support they need in a reliable and seamless way.

This means finding ways to understand people’s needs and designing services to fit their lives.

Customer service is at the heart of how we operate. We listen to and understand the needs of our customers (citizens, businesses and our internal government partners) in how we design and deliver services and work transparently to drive efficiencies and continuous improvement.

We pair a strong culture of customer service with a deep understanding of digital public services and the capabilities to translate policy intent into efficiently scaled services.

We will transform the way government delivers services, establishing a strong technology backbone and introducing new technologies, new skills and new ways of working to deliver the services that Victorians expect and make it easier for the public service to support and deliver for our communities.

Through our regulatory functions, we are a custodian of service eco-systems - ensuring they work effectively and maintain trust and integrity in the services that are provided to Victorians.

With the best technology, infrastructure, and skills, we can deliver future-ready services for Victorians.

Jo de Morton