About the department

The Department was established on 1 January 2023. This is our first Corporate Plan.


Improve how Victorians and business engage with government, and accelerate digital transformation and corporate services reform across the VPS.


DGS brings together government services to continuously improve how government serves Victorians – and public servants – and be an effective custodian of service ecosystems.

DGS pairs a strong culture of customer service with a deep understanding of digital public services and the capabilities to translate policy intent into efficiently scaled services.


We uphold the public sector values as enshrined in the Public Administration Act 2004:

  • Accountability: working to clear objectives in a transparent manner, accepting responsibility for our decisions and actions, seeking to achieve best use of resources and submitting ourselves to appropriate scrutiny.
  • Human Rights: making decisions and providing advice consistent with the human rights set out in the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006, and actively implementing, promoting and supporting human rights.
  • Impartiality: making decisions and providing advice on merit without bias, caprice, favouritism or self-interest, acting fairly by objectively considering all relevant facts and applying fair criteria, implementing government policies and programs equitably.
  • Integrity: being honest, open and transparent in our dealings, using powers responsibly, reporting improper conduct, and avoiding real or apparent conflicts of interest, striving to earn and sustain public trust of a high level.
  • Leadership: actively implementing, promoting and supporting these values.
  • Respect: treating others fairly and objectively, ensuring freedom from discrimination, harassment and bullying, using views to improve outcomes on an ongoing basis.
  • Responsiveness: providing frank, impartial and timely advice to the government, providing high-quality services to the Victorian community, identifying and promoting best practice.

Our ministers

The Hon Danny Pearson MP

Minister for Government Services

Minister for Consumer Affairs

The Hon Melissa Horne

Minister for Local Government

The Hon Natalie Suleyman

Minister for Small Business

Our portfolio entities

  • CenITex
  • Public Record Office Victoria
  • Service Victoria
  • Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria
  • Commissioner for Residential Tenancies
  • Chief Dispute Resolution Officer
  • Estate Agents Council
  • Motor Car Traders Claims Committee
  • Residential Tenancies Bond Authority
  • Consumer Policy Research Centre
  • Business Licensing Authority
  • Arbiter Panel List
  • Councillor Conduct Panel List
  • Principal Councillor Conduct Registrar
  • Victorian Local Government Grants Commission.

Our groups

Digital Transformation

  • Defines DGS’s strategic and reform agenda and drives service onboarding, customer centricity and transformation.
  • Makes available the foundational technology and digital platforms capability required.


  • WOVG policies and projects that address the opportunities and risks of digital transformation.
  • WOVG digital platforms and infrastructure that improve productivity and effectiveness.

Customer & Regulatory Services

  • Accountable for operational policy development, regulatory design and administration, system and program design and the delivery of services to – and in the best interests of – Victorians.

Corporate Shared Services

  • Accountable for operational policy development, corporate governance and administration, and the delivery of services to the Victorian public service.

A shared focus

Customer & Regulatory Services and Corporate Shared Services share the same focus and priorities for different customer segments:

  • Provide consistently great customer experiences in the delivery of scalable, efficient and effective services.
  • Manage the delivery of services with a balance of expertise and speed, while driving the digital transformation of those services.


  • Policy and regulation that supports responsive and accountable services.
  • Customer and corporate services that improve satisfaction and productivity.