Transport planning

The Department of Transport and Planning is responsible for the long-term planning and development of Victoria's transport network.

Transport - Plan, Strategies, Integration and Policy

This includes making sure that public transport is expanded in growing areas and is integrated with other modes such as cars, cycling and walking.

Transport strategies and plans - read about the long-term transport-related strategies and plans being developed.

Public transport guidelines for land-use development - guidelines to facilitate walking, cycling and public transport in new urban and regional developments.

Interface bodies under the Transport Integration Act 2010 – information to help interface bodies such as councils have regard to the vision, objectives and principles of the Act when making planning decisions that impact on the transport system.

Land-use planning under the Transport Integration Act - changes in transport infrastructure alter the demand for different types of land use.

Transport and land-use planning - updates to state planning policy for transport.

Passenger rail infrastructure noise policy - a process that balances the benefits of new passenger rail infrastructure projects with the possible impacts on those living nearby.