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East Werribee

East Werribee’s evolution as a centre of employment will create a more resilient and productive economy, accommodate population growth and give people access to high quality jobs close to where they live.

Werribee sits within Melbourne’s Western Corridor and is home to over 600ha of Government-owned land previously occupied by the State Research Farm. The land was classified as surplus to government’s needs in 2014. 

This corridor plays a critical role in the flow of economic activity, allowing businesses to benefit from strong partnerships, access to a skilled workforce and shared resources. Due to its size and strategic location, East Werribee is a unique opportunity to unlock the productive potential of Victorian Government land in Melbourne’s west.

Opportunity Statement

In May 2024, the Victorian Government released the East Werribee Opportunity Statement. The Opportunity Statement outlines the Victorian Government’s vision for the East Werribee Precinct.

East Werribee Opportunity Statement
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'The East Werribee Precinct will be a new centre for jobs and housing in Melbourne’s growing western corridor. A true mixed-use, urban precinct, it will provide traditional and emerging employment sectors alongside high-quality, sustainable and diverse dwellings.’

‘Accommodating opportunities for Victoria to create a resilient, future-focused economy, the Precinct is expected to facilitate jobs and capabilities in the health and social assistance, advanced manufacturing and food production, green transport, clean energy and agricultural technology sectors.


The East Werribee Precinct will be a new centre for jobs and housing in Melbourne’s growing western corridor. A true mixed-use high-amenity urban precinct, it will drive traditional and emerging employment sectors alongside diverse, inclusive and sustainable communities.

Precinct projects 

Investment in East Werribee creates jobs, gives business confidence and supports the community through better services and infrastructure. 

Situated on the Princes Highway, East Werribee will benefit from planned major infrastructure including the future Bay West Port, Intermodal Freight Terminal, transport network improvements and the Suburban Rail Loop.  

East Werribee’s evolution into an urban centre for jobs and new housing supply will complement the established community of businesses and institutions. 

Key advantages include proximity to existing town centres at Werribee and Hoppers Crossing, as well as regional attractions in the Werribee Open Range Zoo, Werribee Park, Werribee River and a distinctive natural landscape.  

The State Government is working on an Opportunity Statement to be published in 2024. The next step will be to create a Development Strategy which will outline the plan to bring the opportunities to life. 

East Werribee and its surrounds have been the focus of significant investment from the Victorian Government within the last decade, including: 

  • $109.6 million Mercy Hospital Emergency Department 
  • $34.7 million Mercy Hospital mental health expansion  
  • $87 million Mercy Hospital Critical Care expansion 
  • New Werribee Township Regional Park as part of the $315 million Suburban Parks Program
  • $3 million Warringa Park School
  • Wyndham Tech School delivered from the $128 million Tech School Initiative 
  • $88 million Werribee Open Range Zoo Upgrade
  • $271 million Wyndham Law Court
  • $45 million Werribee Police Complex
  • $1.3 million Werribee Racecourse
  • $1.225 billion Western Treatment Plant projects 
  • $15.27 million Point Cook and Sneydes Road Interchange upgrade 
  • $5 million committed to the Wyndham Transport Study
  • Additional investment including the removal of three level crossings in Wyndham.

Stakeholder Reference Group 

A Stakeholder Reference Group will be established for key stakeholders in the East Werribee Precinct. More information will be provided as it becomes available. 

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