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Finding a job guide

Get step-by-step information on how to find, apply for and start a job and where the government can help.

  1. Get help to pay the bills

    Often when you are looking for support finding a job, it means you have been out of work for a while. The first thing we can help with is paying the bills.

    If you're struggling with debts, talk to the National Debt HelplineExternal Link . They offer free, independent and confidential advice.

    If you want help to budget better, use MoneySmartExternal Link .

    You may also be eligible for Centrelink Job seeker benefitsExternal Link and some Victorian Government concessions and benefitsExternal Link .

    Regain confidence

    When you have been unemployed for a while it can be very stressful. Use the Better Health Channel's Stress bustersExternal Link for support.

    The Better Health Channel also offers help on retrenchment and financial lossExternal Link and how to cope with the feelings that result from it.

    Unemployment can also make existing mental health conditions worse or cause new ones to form. For support with a range of mental health concerns, including depression and anxiety, visit The Better Health Channel’s Mental Health ServicesExternal Link page.

  2. Preparing correctly can help build confidence and increase the chances of success when applying for jobs. Here’s how.

    Understand your strengths

    Take the Job Outlook Career QuizExternal Link to see which jobs you'll thrive in.

    Explore job options

    Knowing there are jobs available is an important first step in narrowing down your options. Look at job listingsExternal Link , try different search terms and see what your skills or background might be suited to.

    If you want to make a difference, consider a Job that mattersExternal Link to support women fleeing family violence, children needing care or Victorians with disability wanting support. If you graduate from a Diploma of Community Services between 1 September 2022 and 31 August 2024 you are guaranteed a jobExternal Link .

    You may also be considering starting a business. Visit Business VictoriaExternal Link to see if starting a business is right for you.

    Learn new skills

    Skills and Job Centres offer free, personalised career planning support. There is one at every TAFE in Victoria.

    Find your closest Skills and Jobs Centre

    If you're thinking about a different job Career Switch can give you other options based on your current job.

    We're also currently offering Free TAFE for in demand courses.

    Find free TAFE courses

    You may also need a check or a licence such as a Working with children check. You can get these through Service VictoriaExternal Link .

  3. Get support that suits your needs

    Help applying for jobs can be different depending on where you are in your jobs journey. Find the journey that matches yours below to learn how we can help.

    Personalised support services

    Job seekers, especially those living in public housing, can access Work and Learning CentresExternal Link for personalised support services.

    Interested in a career in government?

    If you're interested in a government job visit Careers VictoriaExternal Link . Anyone can apply, and we offer additional pathways to jobs in government for young people, Aboriginal people and people with a disability.

  4. Make sure you can get paid

    When you start, your employer should ask you to:

    Know your rights at work

    To understand your rights in detail, find out whether you are classified as an employee or a contractorExternal Link .

    To know the basic rights for every employee in Australia, including the minimum wage and safety requirements, find out more about:

Reviewed 03 October 2022

Find a job in Victorian Government

This page is a general guide on finding a job. For information on how to find, apply for and start a job in the Victorian Government, visit Careers Victoria. 

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