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Single Digital Presence

Single Digital Presence, or SDP, is about making it easier for citizens to find, understand and use Victorian Government information.


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More and more sites are using SDP. Our main site,, is the online entry point to Victorian Government information and is built on the SDP platform.

Using SDP offers you a fully supported, secure platform designed for Victorians. You will be guided through content development and will have access to ongoing content guidance.

Your content will meet Victorian digital standards by way of peer-review, and you will have access to the SDP Community of Practice to learn and maintain new digital skills.

  • Digital-first

    We live in a digital world. We know this because:

    • increasingly, Victorians want the government to be digital
    • users access content through multiple layouts across phone, tablet and desktop devices
    • web page content (HTML) is more accessible than documents like PDFs
    • content can be made available via an API.

    User experience

    Using SDP will give users a consistent user experience across Victorian Government websites. This includes:

    • an established pattern library
    • repeatable functionality
    • quicker outcomes achieved.


    • Provides all Victorians, including those with a disability, access to information
    • Achieves WCAG 2.1 compliance out of the box
    • Technical architecture supports:
      • voice interaction
      • content syndication for 3rd party applications.

    Digital inclusion

    The Victorian community is diverse. Writing in plain English:

    • is inclusive
    • is a way for all Victorians to understand your content
    • is written to year 8 English education level
    • avoids jargon and government acronyms.

    Life events approach

    People interact with the government in times of need. That's why it is critical that we work to join up the journey between information and services relevant to what they are going through.

    This approach creates content that:

    • helps Victorians to achieve meaningful outcomes
    • assists during key life events such as looking for work
    • is centralised across the Victorian government
    • is grouped in a way that is easily understandable to members of the public.

    Trust in government

    Being able to trust the government is crucial to a user. Using SDP provides:

    • increased confidence in the authority and accuracy of the information
    • approved Brand Victoria branding
    • a single point of truth
    • upheld privacy.
  • The Victorian Public Service

    SDP has built a content publishing experience that the VPS love to use and one which supports the development of their own digital skills.

    Audience reach

    The Victorian Government would, if its 500+ websites were combined, be the number 1 most visited online property in Victoria.


    A common platform means government and digital agencies can direct their resources and funding towards innovation. SDP supports this by:

    • being Open Source
    • adopting a ‘build once, use often’ approach
    • supporting content syndication
    • ensuring continuous improvement and delivery.

    Business outcomes

    How quickly? How much? These questions are top of mind for government leadership, and SDP has proven its value through both speed to market and cost savings.


    The SDP platform solves the often cumbersome responsibility of compliance (security, privacy and accessibility) and Machinery of Government implications for content published on the platform.

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If you’re interested in using SDP, email:

Reviewed 11 July 2023

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