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Ripple design system

The visual front-end for Single Digital Presence.

The Ripple 2.0 design system is now available.

All new Victorian Government branded sites should now be built using the Ripple 2.0 design system.

What is Ripple?

Ripple 2.0 is the design system for Victorian Government branded digital products; it is the front-end layer of Single Digital Presence (SDP). It provides a single source of truth for styles, components and patterns when creating digital experiences on SDP.

Designers, content creators and developers across government can all draw from the same library of components, knowing designs are accurate and up-to-date. This reduces time, costs, effort and duplication, to increase efficiency when we build digital content.

Most importantly, it helps provide users of Victorian digital services with simpler, more consistent and cohesive online experiences.

Who is Ripple for?

  • Designers can easily and quickly create wireframes, high-fidelity designs and prototypes.
  • Developers can access technical specifications to create pixel-perfect code.
  • Content creators can design page concepts, knowing their layouts will accurately reflect the finished product.
  • Product owners and stakeholders can review designs and provide feedback.

What is Ripple 2.0?

Ripple 2.0 is a refactor of the current Ripple design system. It:

  • continues to be an open-source design system
  • updates designs with new base styles and components
  • improves the code to better meet industry standards and best practice
  • enhances accessibility, SEO, security and performance
  • automates some manual processes
  • expands how we document SDP design assets, including components and templates.

The full version of Ripple 2.0 is now available and includes:

Ripple 2.0 migration plan

Over the next 12 months, the SDP team will migrate SDP-managed sites to Ripple 2.0. An SDP representative will liaise with site owners to plan the migration.

If you are an external vendor, or your site is maintained by an external vendor, the vendor will need to begin migration planning as soon as possible. Please begin the discussion to plan the migration of your site.

SDP will maintain support for Ripple 1 sites until March 2024. This includes critical bug fixes and security issues only. Beyond March 2024, SDP will no longer support Ripple 1 sites.

If your site is not yet built, you can start building on Ripple 2.0 straight away. Reach out to the SDP team if you have any questions.

Ripple 2.0 resources

Ripple 2.0 documentation site

As part of the refactor, we have documented the features and functions of Ripple 2.0 to help guide developers and designers to build Victorian Government websites.

Visit the Ripple Design System documentation site:

GitHub code repository

Ripple 2 is open source and the code is available in a new GitHub repository:

Figma design file

Figma is a cloud-based collaborative design tool that is used to house and build Ripple. It has a dedicated app, or can be run in your web browser.

Complete the form below to request access to the Ripple 2.0 design system in Figma.

You will need a Figma account to view and build upon Ripple. Figma currently offers a free tier with full functionality that can be used in your browser.

Figma design file access

You can request access to the Ripple 2.0 file using the form below.

Once your access has been approved, open Figma:

  1. click on the main menu icon in the top left corner
  2. click on the Libraries menu item
  3. toggle the Ripple 2.0 library on.

Note: If you have already signed up for Ripple 2.0 beta, your access will automatically transfer to the full Ripple 2.0 design file.

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Ripple support

Ripple 1 site support

Nuxt 2 framework is now end of life and Vue 2 will only be supported by the vendor until 31 December 2023.

SDP will maintain support for Ripple 1 sites until March 2024 to allow time for vendors to update client sites to Ripple 2.0. This support will include critical bugs impacting site availability and security issues only.

Beyond March 2024, SDP will no longer provide support for Ripple 1.x sites.

Ripple 1 Figma support

Existing access to the Ripple 1 Figma files will remain until March 2024, however it will not be supported and no updates will be published.

If you require access to Ripple 1, email

Enquiries and support

Technical enquiries

Design enquiries and feedback

General enquiries