Building Victoria's circular economy

We’re cutting waste and building the state’s circular economy.

We’re investing in Victoria’s waste and recycling system and building a sustainable and thriving circular economy.

Our circular economy plan, Recycling Victoria: A new economy, steps out the systemic change that’s needed to cut waste and boost recycling and reuse of our precious resources.

This is our plan for a cleaner, greener Victoria with less waste and pollution, more jobs and a sustainable and thriving circular economy.

Find out more about the key actions and benefits of our plan for Victoria’s circular economy.

Delivery of the Victorian Government’s circular economy plan, Recycling Victoria: a new economy, is supported by funding from the Sustainability Fund.

3 years of progress in the transition to a Circular Economy

This year 2023 marks three years since the Circular Economy policy was launched. Recycling Victoria: A new economy is the Victorian Government’s 10-year action plan to fundamentally transform the state’s recycling sector, reduce waste, create thousands of jobs and set Victoria up for a more sustainable future.

Since then the Victorian Government has been making significant progress in delivering the policy’s objectives

Circular Economy- Key metrics

Circular Economy - Key achievements