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Container deposit scheme

For more and better recycling and less waste

A better way to recycle drink containers in Victoria

On 1 November 2023 Victoria’s container deposit scheme, CDS Vic, commenced. The scheme rewards Victorians with a 10-cent refund for every eligible can, carton and bottle they return. 

It is part of important work that is transforming Victoria’s waste and recycling system.

CDS Vic provides shared benefits to the community, environment and economy by delivering:

  • more and better recycling
  • less waste - old containers become new ones
  • less litter - cut by up to half
  • hundreds of new jobs and economic opportunities across Victoria
  • opportunities for charities, community groups, environmental organisations, sports and educational organisations to raise funds
  • a cleaner, greener state.

Further information

For further information about CDS visit the following websites: 

WebsiteInformation provided

Scheme website


General scheme information 

  • General scheme information 
  • A map of CDS Vic refund points across Victoria
  • How community organisations can be involved in CDS Vic
  • Information about eligible containers in CDS Vic

Recycling Victoria 

Recycling Victoria is the government regulator responsible for the regulation, oversight, and administrative direction of CDS Vic. 



  • General scheme information
  • Regulatory instruments published by the Victorian Government, including:
    • Material Recovery Facilities Protocol
    • Local Government Refund Sharing Protocol
    • Scheme Payments and Contribution Methodology
  • First Supplier and Suitable Eligible Container Determinations Instruments


VicReturn is the scheme coordinator, responsible for managing the financial and administrative aspects of the scheme. 


  • Information for First Suppliers including scheme registration and portal
  • Information for Exporters including the Export Protocol and Export Supply Agreement
  • Information for Material Recovery Facilities Operators 

Return-It (Eastern Zone Operator)

TOMRA Cleanaway (Western Zone Operator)

Visy (Northern Zone Operator)

Return-It, TOMRA Cleanaway and Visy are the Zone Operators, each responsible for establishing and maintaining a network of refund points in a specified zone of the State.


  • Information for Collection Point Operators
  • Link to download the scheme app in the relevant zones

Victorians have helped shape our CDS

Throughout the development of the scheme, the community and businesses have helped to ensure CDS Vic will benefit all Victorians and maximise the return of drink containers for recycling.

 Read the Consultation Reports

Container deposit scheme consultation report - September 2022
PDF 288.31 KB
(opens in a new window)
Container deposit scheme consultation report - September 2022 accessible version
Word 217.91 KB
(opens in a new window)
Container deposit scheme consultation report - March 2021
PDF 1.15 MB
(opens in a new window)
Container deposit scheme consultation report - March 2021 accessible version
Word 127.55 KB
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More information

Victorias Container deposit scheme factsheet
PDF 585.83 KB
(opens in a new window)
Victorias Container deposit scheme factsheet accessible version
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