We will deliver a Victorian container deposit scheme by 2022/23. It will: 

  • reduce litter 
  • create new jobs 
  • see more plastic, aluminium and glass containers recycled into new products

It will be reliable, convenient and easy to use.  

We’ll work closely with councils and the drinks industry to design the best container deposit scheme for Victoria. 

Will we have a container deposit scheme and what are the benefits?   

Victoria will introduce a container deposit scheme (CDS) by 2022/23 which will work alongside the new household waste collection system. It will make recycling easier outside the home. The community and the recycling industry will be consulted about how a new container deposit scheme in Victoria will work.   

A CDS will help us extract more value from plastic, aluminium and glass containers. New CDS infrastructure will support regional jobs. It will also mean financial benefits for material recovery facilities and local governments, reduce litter, and make producers more responsible for the end stage of their products. A CDS is expected to halve drink container litter in Victoria by 2030.    

What will the container deposit scheme look like?  

Victoria’s CDS will be designed in a way that is convenient, simple to use, reliable and accessible to all Victorians.   

Victoria will work to harmonise our CDS with schemes in other jurisdictions to help reduce confusion for industry, retailers and consumers. The government will also implement learnings from other jurisdictions to ensure that Victoria’s CDS follows best practice and meets the specific needs of our state.  

The government is working on the design of the Victorian CDS, and more information will be available later in 2020. Through consultation, Victorians will have the opportunity to have their say on how the scheme should be designed and implemented.  

Why did Victoria wait so long to commit to a container deposit scheme?  

Before deciding whether to introduce a CDS in Victoria we needed to be sure that the benefits of a CDS would outweigh the costs, and that a scheme could be designed to be a good fit for Victoria. The Victorian Government also committed to a major overhaul of the kerbside system, and the interactions between kerbside recycling and a CDS are complex. The government has been monitoring other jurisdictions as they develop and implement their schemes and learning from their experiences. Waiting to introduce Victoria’s CDS means that we can utilise these learnings and design a scheme that will achieve the most benefit for Victoria.  

Reviewed 03 March 2020

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