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Recycling Victoria provides leadership and oversight to Victoria’s waste and recycling sector for a better and more reliable waste and recycling system. Its work supports Victoria’s transition to a circular economy.

Recycling Victoria will support compliance against standards for waste and recycling services and monitor and report on the system. It will oversee compliance and intervene if needed.

Recycling Victoria is making it easier for councils and Alpine Resorts Victoria to connect with state government through a dedicated agency that provides oversight and support across the state. We will provide strategic guidance on procurement, with a strong focus on creating a stable market and consistency across Victoria. Mandatory reporting and data collection will mean better information to help plan service delivery and infrastructure needs.

We will provide strategic guidance on procurement, with a strong focus on creating a stable market and consistency across Victoria.

Core functions of Recycling Victoria

    • Recycling Victoria brings a strategic, streamlined and consistent approach to waste management and resource recovery to Victoria.
    • It will improve the reliability and performance of the waste and recycling sector to support Victoria’s transition to a circular economy.
    • It will drive industry accountability and intervene to respond to risk.
    • Recycling Victoria will provide direction and oversight for new waste and recycling systems to ensure performance. It will oversee Victoria’s container deposit scheme and administration of the waste to energy cap.
    • We will prepare standards and support councils to meet new obligations to provide the four-stream waste and recycling services to their communities.
  • The objective of Recycling Victoria’s strategic procurement function is to support local government and Alpine Resorts Victoria to strategically procure waste and recycling services for their communities.

    Recycling Victoria is working with stakeholders to gather feedback that will help to inform the development of a framework that outlines and prioritises Recycling Victoria’s role. Consultation on the draft strategic procurement framework will be completed in the coming months.

  • Improved collection and analysis of market data to report on the state of the waste and resource recovery sector and inform decision-making.

    Better and more comprehensive data improves transparency and will:

    • enhance community confidence in the sector
    • increase accountability of the sector and improve performance
    • enable measurement and evaluation of reforms for continuous improvement.

    Reliable and comprehensive data is a key part of Recycling Victoria’s role. Access our data hub.

  • Recycling Victoria will regularly engage with key stakeholders to understand the views and ideas of councils, Alpine Resorts Victoria, industry, and regional communities. A key priority is working in partnership with Traditional Owners.

    Recycling Victoria will work with stakeholders to inform its Charter of Engagement. We will report annually on engagement activities.

Reviewed 04 May 2023

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