Victorian local government waste data dashboard

A dashboard based on survey results from Victorian councils. Data is presented at the state, regional and council level and can be sorted by waste material, council area and year.

Since 200102, the Victorian Government has surveyed councils about their kerbside collection services (for rubbish, mixed recycling, glass recycling and food organics and garden organics) and other council-related waste services, including the tonnages, costs and composition.

This dashboard is based on survey results as provided by councils.

Data set

The Victorian Local Government Annual Waste Services Survey is a voluntary survey for all councils. It captures the amount of material collected by councils in kerbside and other services. Data presented in the CSV file below is a dataset for services between 2001–02 and 2021–22.

RV_Victorian Local Government Annual Waste Services Survey_2001-02 and 2021-22
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