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Victoria's waste projection model dashboard

Projecting waste generation in Victoria 30 years into the future.

Victoria’s waste projection model estimates waste generation in Victoria to 2051. The purpose of the model is to inform investment, planning and market needs for government and industry.

Victoria’s waste projection model combines data from a range of sources to produce an 'actuals' dataset. The actuals describe waste generation and its fate within Victoria from from 2015–16 to 2020–21.

The data sources used to compile the actuals dataset include: 

  • Victorian Recycling Industry Annual Survey 
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics export data
  • National Plastics Survey data 
  • Environment Protection Authority Victoria Landfill Levy statement data 
  • Landfill composition audit data. 

The model combines the above datasets, takes the average of the most recent three years of actuals for each material type, and applies material type-specific projection factors (low, mid and high) to produce a baseline projection to the year 2051. The result of this projection is presented in the above dashboard.

Disclaimer - Dashboard

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