Intermodal terminals

An intermodal terminal is a location for the transfer of freight from one transport mode to another: for example between road and rail.

Intermodal hubs

It play an important role in easing the transport burden on the ports and neighbouring areas. They are also essential if rail is to increase its role in the freight transport and distribution system.

A range of initiatives that seek to increase the volume of freight carried on rail, focuses on Victoria’s three rail markets.

  • Interstate, mainly inter-capital city freight, which operates over long distances on the ARTC standard-gauge network
  • Regional, mainly export trade from regional Victoria and southern NSW, which generally operates over shorter distances on the V/Line controlled broad-gauge network although also uses the southern NSW regional rail network to get to the Port of Melbourne
  • Metropolitan port-rail shuttles, which is a prospective market for rail and is currently handled almost exclusively by trucks on the arterial road network.

Metropolitan terminal locations

LavertonSCT Logistics
South DynonPacific National
ACFS LogisticsACFS
West Swanson DockDP World
Victoria DockQube Logistics

Regional terminal locations

DonaldPeaco Ltd
DooenSCT Logistics
BairnsdaleFenning Timbers
(start date to be confirmed)
MaryvaleQube Logistics
MerbeinSeaway Intermodal
TocumwalGray's Container Terminal
Warrnambool (Dennington)Seaway Intermodal
UltimaQube Logistics