Principal Freight Network

Efficient, reliable and sustainable freight transport and logistics services are essential to Victoria’s economic prosperity and liveability.

Identifying and protecting road and rail freight routes and places

The Principal Freight Network (PFN) is an important framework that identifies and protects Victoria’s key road and rail freight routes and places.

It includes freight corridors and places of national, state and regional significance that support high-capacity and efficient freight movements around Victoria.

By creating the new PFN, we’re identifying needs for now and into the future, taking a strategic approach to reserving rail and road corridors and key sites to support growth in the freight industry.

In 2020, we undertook a review of the PFN and it is now complete.

The PFN will enable the future growth of the freight task on the Victorian transport network by:

  • Guiding future transport network and land use planning and infrastructure investment to ensure consideration and prioritisation of freight
  • Protecting the Principal Freight Network and future capacity of this network through appropriate legislation, planning scheme and policy provisions, and
  • Integrating multi-modal supply chains and end-to-end supply chains to achieve productivity gains and industry competitiveness.

The PFN gives certainty to industry and communities on the preferred routes for freight movements, and significant freight places now and in the future to support land-use planning.

The review

We undertook a thorough review of the PFN using an assessment framework and criteria. We sought feedback from local government and industry to ensure the PFN maps are accurate and reflect the appropriate freight places and corridors.

Last reviewed in 2013, the PFN was established more than ten years ago.

It has now been updated to capture changes in population, land use, new freight places and transport projects that are under construction or have been delivered which change the way people and freight move around the transport network.

We are now also increasing the protection of the PFN to include key freight places and precincts as well as the transport corridors that connect them through the gazettal of the PFN within the planning scheme.

Next steps

The PFN is recognised as part of the State Transport System in Clause 18: Transport of the Victorian Planning Provisions.

It must be considered by responsible authorities in decision-making. Incorporated documents can only be amended by the Minister through a planning scheme amendment process.

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