Better road systems

In order to create more space on our roads, we need to use smart technology and intelligent management systems to keep our network moving as efficiently as possible.

Our innovative $380 million program uses a smart mix of more staff, better technology and targeted enforcement policies to make it easier for people and goods to get around right now on key arterial roads in Melbourne’s west and south-east.

We’re starting right away by putting almost 700 new CCTV cameras in traffic hotspots so we can see bottlenecks as soon as they start.

We’ll install over 200 wireless travel time sensors to send live traffic data to our traffic management centre and set up 40 new visual message boards on busy roads to give you better information on travel times.

We’re hiring hundreds more people in our traffic rapid response teams and Traffic Management Centre – engineers, tow-truck drivers, phone operators, mechanics, data analysts and more.

To keep peak hour traffic flowing, we’re making every clearway within 20 kilometres of the CBD a tow-away zone and reintroducing charges for developers wanting to use road space for construction projects.

Our plan is simple. We want to keep people and goods moving, especially in places where cars share the road with lots of trucks, trams and buses.