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Designs for Maidstone’s new tram facility released - Community update – April 2023

Melbourne’s new Next Generation Trams will have a state-of-the art facility in Melbourne’s west. The Maidstone tram maintenance and stabling facility will be built on part of the old Victoria University site at the corner of Williamson and Hampstead roads.

Melbourne’s new Next Generation Trams will have a state-of-the art facility in Melbourne’s west.

The Maidstone tram maintenance and stabling facility will be built on part of the old Victoria University site at the corner of Williamson and Hampstead roads.

The new facility will be used to clean, maintain and stable the Victorian-built fleet. Tram operations and administration staff will also be based there.

Housing the new G Class trams, the energy efficient facility will feature LED lights, recycled plastic materials and rainwater tanks which will harvest around 80 megalitres annually to wash the trams.

Designed by Melbourne architects, the project successfully integrates modern and sustainable design, whilst also celebrating the Maidstone site’s rich history.

The accessible, comfortable and energy-efficient Next Generation Trams will start rolling out locally in the west on routes 57, 59 and 82.

Along with the transport and accessibility benefits, the revitalisation project is creating around 280 local jobs in construction, ongoing maintenance and the supply chain with local suppliers providing materials and services.

Early works have started onsite with major construction on track to kick off later this year once all approvals are in place.

This project is part of Victoria’s unprecedented $90 billion investment in transport infrastructure projects, which will provide better, more connected and accessible services for Victorians.

Project at a glance

  • State-of-the-art facility being built in Maidstone
  • Home to Melbourne’s new Next Generation Trams
  • A modern and reliable tram fleet for passengers in Melbourne’s west
  • New G Class trams running on routes 57, 59 and 82
  • 280 jobs in ongoing maintenance and construction
  • Sustainable design

 New trams for the west

Melbourne's new Next Generation Trams will be accessible, comfortable and energy-efficient, making it easier for everyone to catch the tram.

Passengers in Melbourne’s west will be the first to travel on the Victorian-built trams.

The G Class trams will start rolling out on routes 57, 59 and 82, servicing Maribyrnong, Footscray, Essendon, Moonee Ponds, Ascot Vale, North Melbourne and Niddrie.

The new tram will provide better access for people with mobility needs and people travelling with prams.

The Next Generation Trams will replace some of Melbourne’s longest-serving high-floor trams.

Thanks for having your say

Last year, you told us what information would you like on the project, how you’d like to hear from us and how you travel around the neighbourhood.

We heard from you that operational requirements of the facility, landscaping and amenity, and sustainability initiatives were areas of the project you wanted to know more about.

We’ll keep you updated on these topics through community newsletters, work notices delivered to your letterbox and the project website.

You can also sign up to receive regular updates via email which was your preferred way to learn more about the project and any upcoming disruptions.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey.

Your feedback, along with technical and engineering investigations helped informed the facility's design and our plans for the project.

You can read more in our consultation report at

Last year we also sought planning submissions. We’ve provided the Minister for Planning with a summary of submissions, all submissions which raised planning issues and the project response to these issues.

The Minister for Planning is currently considering a request to provide planning approval for the project.

Early works are kicking off

As the Hampstead Road site has been vacant since 2015, we need to prepare and make the site safe before major construction later this year.

In the coming months we’ll be onsite setting up site offices, installing temporary fencing, demolishing selected non-heritage buildings, removing vegetation and disconnecting utilities. For access we’re also building an internal road around the site.

For every tree we remove we'll plant two new trees, either as part of our landscaping or elsewhere in the local area.

We’ll let the community know well in advance of any changes in the local area.

About the facility

To keep Melbourne’s tram network running safely and reliably the facility will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The facility will be used for tram inspections, repairs and maintenance to service the fleet, along with facilities for drivers and administration staff.

The site’s rich history as a munitions factory, migrant hostel and most recently university accommodation is echoed in the main administration and maintenance building’s strong and robust design.

Clear polycarbonate material will create a lightness and the building’s saw-tooth roof is a nod to the industrial nature of the area.

From conversations and our consultation, we heard reducing noise impacts is important to you. We've designed the facility to minimise noise.

We’re installing high quality noise walls along the northern, southern and western boundaries.

We’re planting trees on the western and southern boundaries to screen the noise walls and provide additional privacy.

We’ll also extend the local tram tracks on Hampstead and Williamson roads with the trams accessing the

Key features of the facility

  • Tram cleaning facilities
  • A track for testing trams
  • Administration and maintenance building
  • Stabling for Next Generation Trams
  • Car and bike parking for drivers and employees

Going green

Designed to be energy efficient and sustainable Maidstone’s new tram facility will include:

  • Materials that optimise natural light
  • LED lights
  • Recycled plastic noise walls
  • Reclaimed asphalt pavement in new pavement areas
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Water reuse for the tram wash
  • Landscaping with drought proof planting
Maidstone tram maintenance and stabling facility

 Upcoming heritage consultation

As the former heritage-listed Maribyrnong Migrant Hostel was located on the Hampstead Road site, the project requires a heritage permit before major construction.

Heritage Victoria has advertised and published a Heritage Permit Application at in a new window)

Keeping in touch

If you have any questions please email the team at

To stay up to date on the Maidstone tram maintenance and stabling facility you can:

Key dates


  • Community engagement
  • Site investigations
  • Technical assessments


  • Community engagement
  • Further engineering investigations


  • Community engagement
  • Project designs released
  • Early works
  • Construction begins


  • Construction


  • Tram maintenance and stabling facility operational

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