X'Trapolis 2.0 train Engagement video transcript

This a video transcript of the X'Trapolis 2.0 train Engagement video.

Hello I'm Chris Hurley, I'm the project director for the X'Trapolis 2.0 train project.

[On screen text: Chris Hurley X'Trapolis 2.0 Project Director, DTP]

It's a project that will replace some of the ageing trains on the network with a more modern, accessible train, built here in Victoria by Victorians. This mock

up is one of the key tools we're using to engage with the public, and the feedback that we'll get will be used to update and incorporate into the design.

[On screen text: Adem Cificioglu, Accessibility Reference Group, MTM]

[Adem] The addition of extra wheelchair spaces and the way that bit is configured, particularly in the front carriage is pretty good.

[On screen text:Debra Simons Accessibility Referenece Group, MTM]

Yeah I think it's really important that somebody actually asks what works and what doesn't from the beginning and I think we've got a responsibility to contribute to that.

[On screen text: Liz Ellis Accessibility Advisory Committee, (ATAC)]

[Liz] Advocacy is a continual circle because if you don't keep at it, it doesn't become part of the natural build, which I think is a really important point – that we want to get to the point where these things aren't things you need to point out anymore, they just become a standard in what you do.

[Chris Hurley] Once we've refined the design of the train, then it's on to manufacturing. This train will be built in Victoria, at locations in Dandenong and Ballarat. Then it goes through a rigorous testing program. That includes taking the train out onto the network to simulate real world conditions so that we can assure the Victorian public that this is a safe train to enter into service.

[On screen text: Victoria State Government, Department of Transport and Planning]

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