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Improving transport accessibility

The Victorian Government is working to ensure our transport network is inclusive and accessible for all Victorians.

Accessibility is about ensuring people of all kinds of abilities can travel confidently and comfortably on their journey.

In Victoria, 1.1 million people have either a physical or non-physical disability. Our aging population and those with other mobility barriers also need accessibility support on the transport network.

Our commitment and action

The Victorian Government is taking action to improve accessibility across our transport network:

  • Accessible infrastructure is being built as part of the Government’s unprecedented $100 billion investment in Victoria’s Big Build, which will provide better, more connected, and more accessible services for Victorians.
  • Our new bigger metro trains and Next Generation Trams will make our public transport system more accessible and promote equality
  • The Accessible Public Transport Action Plan 2020-2024 released in late 2020, outlines the steps we’re taking to reduce and eliminate barriers to our public transport network
  • Our new-look PTV app which has been redesigned to be fully accessible. The Department of Transport and Planning has worked closely with Vision Australia through the design process, and the app will ensure blind and low-vision passengers can use VoiceOver and TalkBack capabilities to help them travel.
  • We’ve appointed Tricia Malowney OAM as the new Chief Accessibility Advocate to provide expert advice to government on how we can improve accessibility across all modes of transport. Tricia will support the Department’s coordinated, whole-of-transport approach to accessibility, delivering better outcomes for all Victorians living with a disability, no matter how they choose to travel.
  • Train stations, bus stops, and tram stops across Victoria will be upgraded through a $157.8 million package of works included in the Victorian Budget 2022/23(opens in a new window), giving Victorians better access to transport.
  • These upgrades will improve accessibility, safety, and comfort across the public transport network to ensure every Victorian can get to where they need to go – particularly people with disability.
  • We’re developing a new Transport Accessibility Strategy to identify and prioritise accessibility enhancements across the whole network.
  • Bus passengers using wheelchairs and other mobility devices will have a safer, more accessible journey with the first phase roll-out and trial of containment systems across a select number of metropolitan public bus services, from late 2022.
  • We’re working closely in partnership with the Commonwealth on a forward work program for reforms to the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport.
  • We’re developing a comprehensive Tram Stop Rollout Strategy to guide future prioritisation for more accessible stops.

Engaging with stakeholders and communities

We’re working closely with the Victorian community – including accessibility groups and communities – to ensure accessibility and whole-of-journey needs are understood and catered for.  

We host the Accessible Transport Advisory Committee(opens in a new window) (ATAC), which meets regularly to identify, discuss and advise on public transport accessibility and is appointed by the Minister for Public Transport and Roads and Road Safety. 

ATAC is made up of six members and a chair with lived experiences who ensure an integrated focus on whole-of-journey accessibility, as well as universal access and inclusion across all key policies in the transport portfolio.  

We engage with ATAC for the development of all accessibility programs to gather feedback on user experience and explore how to make the public transport network more accessible.

Our Chief Accessibility Advocate also leads collaborative partnerships to amplify the voice of people with disability and be part of the department’s decision-making process in our accessibility programs.