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Fees, fines and charges

The Department of Transport and Planning charges fees and fines in accordance with all Victorian Government departments.

The list of fees, fines and charges types

This includes:

  • fees for services and regulatory purposes, including licensing and registering certain activities
  • fines for improper conduct, and to discourage unlawful behaviour
  • fees and fines are officially set and revised by their relevant legislation.

The Victorian Government has a policy of automatically indexing certain fees and fines each year for inflation to ensure the value of fees and fines is maintained.

Pay a tax invoice

You can make an online payment for a tax invoice from the department.

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Your reference number is located on the left-hand side of your tax invoice, indicated by the red circle in the example invoice below.

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Pay a tax invoice online

Public transport ticketing and fares

Ticketing conditions for rail, tram and bus services in Victoria are outlined in the new myki and Victorian Fares and Ticketing Manual(opens in a new window), which came into effect on 1 March 2018. 

The conditions detail the calculation of public transport fares, passenger responsibilities when undertaking journeys and other key requirements for people using the Victorian public transport system.

Public transport fines

Find out about public transport fine options, how fare enforcement has become fairer and how to pay your fine online.

Authorised officers are employed by public transport companies to ensure people comply with ticketing and behavioural rules.

This helps ensure the successful and safe delivery of public transport services.

Automatic indexation of fees and penalties

The following documents contain lists of the automatically indexed fees and fines which are the responsibility of the department and which contribute to the Victorian Government's consolidated revenue.

The following spreadsheet is current as of 1 July 2023.

  • Department of Transport and Planning fees and penalties.
Department of Transport and Planning fees and penalties
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Further fees and fines information is available on the following websites:

An enforcement agency can address minor lawbreaking by issuing an infringement notice (on-the-spot fine) as an alternative to court prosecution for specified infringement offences.

The maximum court penalty is the maximum amount the court can impose on an offender from 1 July 2021. Infringement fines are lower than the maximum court penalty. 

Although the Department has sought to make the lists as accurate and complete as possible, updates and revisions may be necessary.

Visit the Department of Treasury and Finance website(opens in a new window) to find links to lists from other departments.