Department of Transport and Planning - Annual Report

The Department of Transport Annual Report provides a snapshot of the Department’s key achievements, performance and accompanying financial statements.

Secretary’s Foreword

Victoria is the fastest-growing state in Australia and is expected to reach a population of more than 10 million by the middle of the century. Melbourne is set to become Australia’s biggest city in the next decade. Retaining everything that’s great about our state requires careful planning.

Planning for this growth is why the key transport, planning, land, precinct and policy functions have been brought together under a single, integrated department.

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Key achievements

The Department delivers an integrated approach to Victoria’s transport and planning system to support inclusive, prosperous, liveable and sustainable communities.

This section includes key achievements delivered for Victorian communities in 2022–23. They are grouped into six focus areas (see ‘About the Department’ for more information on our focus areas).

These achievements reflect the breadth of the Department’s work to enhance the transport and planning systems across the state, for now and for the future. Some programs of work contribute to multiple focus areas.

The Department’s performance against objectives, indicators and outputs is reported in ‘Section 2: NonFinancial Performance’.

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