Transcript - Women in Transport Mentoring Program

This video outlines the Women in Transport Mentoring Program.

Having diversity around the table obviously changes the conversation.

What does success look like?

You know, how do we know we're going to achieve that we want to achieve?

It was really launching myself into the unknown.

[On screen text: The Women in Transport Mentoring Program is creating an empowered, enduring and energetic future for women in Victoria's transport industry.]

[On screen text: Shannon Roma, Director People and Inclusion, RPV]

Historically, the industry has been largely male-dominated.

Programs like these really encourage sponsoring and allowing different perspectives and really spotlight on women and the opportunities that this industry has for women.

[On screen text: Steve Boshier, Manager Asset Integration and Completions, LXRP]

I've always been very keen around seeing people develop in the industry.

Get a real kick out of actually seeing other people succeed as well and I thought it's a good chance for me to be able to just give back.

[On screen text: Caroline Dixon, Programs and Initiatives Coordinator, Safety, NELP]
So I've jumped into a role that is different, but similar in some ways.

And where's my career progression?

Where can I go from here?

And that's something that Steve was able to share with his experience.

Mentoring in any organisation, whether it's informal or formal, is extremely important.

It's about creating opportunities for people to learn and grow and to have that professional development.

[On screen text: The program is just as beneficial to mentors as it is to mentees, helping tehm develop their leadership skills and broadening their understanding]

I've learnt from each of my mentees, it’s broadened my knowledge around what's going on there you know, out with these different projects.

The program has a lot of support material available as well.

It's not as though you're left on your own.

So the team that have set this up and facilitated it really well.

I've seen the benefits and that's why I've continued to do it.

You know, I've done it a few times now.

It was affirming for me.

“Yes, I'm making the right decision,” or supportive,

“Why don't you do this?”

and encouraging to take that leap and do some things that I might have been a bit more hesitant in.

When I think around the way that Caroline's developed from when we first met to where she is now.

To me, that really makes it all worthwhile.

Programs like this support building that confidence to be the person, to have something to say or the confidence to do it and get a different outcome.

And that's not only helps yourself, but it helps your team.

It helps the business, it helps helps everything run smoothly and better.

[On screen text: Women in Transport, Victoria, State Government, Department of Transport and Planning, Level Crossing Removal Project.]

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