VISTA Information for survey participants

We need information from as many different households as possible to better understand the complexity of travel. We need to hear from you, whether you make a lot of trips or hardly travel at all.

Effective transport planning is a critical part of managing our cities and towns. Your completed survey, and other surveys from households in your area, help us understand how, when and where people travel.

Survey participants can be assured:

  • all information collected is confidential
  • survey results are grouped together to give an overview of travel across a region
  • personal information is deleted before data is used for transport planning
  • your name, address and contact information are not kept unless you agree to take part in other transport-related research projects.

If you have any difficulties or concerns filling in the survey or would like to speak to the team, call 1800 816 337 (free call).

Survey forms

Copies of the VISTA questionnaire, and other materials provided to participating households, can be downloaded below.

The household form is normally provided in printed A3 format. A travel diary booklet is provided for every person in the household. Additional booklets are available on request.

Household Form 2022
PDF 692.26 KB
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Household Form Accessible version 2022
Word 64.57 KB
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Travel Diary Form 2022
PDF 235.95 KB
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Travel Diary Form Accessible version 2022
Word 62.74 KB
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Frequently asked questions for households