Authorised Officers

Authorised Officers are here to help keep your public transport running smoothly and make sure everyone is paying their way.

You can see them on trains, trams and buses. You may also see them at stations and stops.

They're employed by public transport operators to check tickets, provide passenger information, improve safety and help during special events and disruptions.

They receive ongoing training and are authorised by the Victorian Government.

They can:

  • check your ticket and concession entitlement, even after you’ve left the vehicle or station
  • ask to take your ticket for use as evidence
  • ask for your name, address and proof of identity
  • report you to the Department of Transport and Planning
  • arrest you until the police arrive, if you don’t comply
  • Authorised Officers don’t issue warnings or fines.

How do I recognise an Authorised Officer?

Authorised 0fficers work in uniform or plain clothes. You’ll be able to identify them because they carry:

  • a State of Victoria Authorised Officer badge
  • photo ID
  • portable myki ticket reader.

If someone claims to be an Authorised Officer and can’t show you their metal badge and photo ID, please report them to a public transport employee or call us on 1800 800 007.

Code of conduct

A code of conduct, developed by the Department of Transport and Planning, outlines an Authorised Officer's obligations and responsibilities.

Authorised Officers are:

  • expected to conduct themselves in a manner that shows respect for members of the public, in accordance with their lawful powers
  • subject to the normal employment relationship between employer and employee
  • obliged to comply with the operating procedures and policies of the transport company by which they are employed.

The code does not deal with employment or training matters.

For more information download the code of conduct - effective from March 2019

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Authorised Officers' code of conduct
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Authorised Officers' code of conduct - accessible Word version