New travel patterns

Planning for a system that provides for people's changing and different transport patterns and travel needs.

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Transport is helping realise Plan Melbourne(opens in a new window) and other key land use strategies by planning a system that facilitates new travel patterns and connects more people with more jobs in more locations.

People's movement patterns and needs are complex and diverse, with changes in demographics and lifestyle influencing where, when and how we travel.

As jobs and services are dispersed throughout the community and move closer to where people live, the nature of travel will be transformed, with a reduction in the distance of journeys and a change in travel behaviour.

What this means

When work and services become more localised, people will take fewer, shorter trips at different times and by different modes.

By expanding the destinations people can access through multiple modes, we will support the realisation of 20-minute neighbourhoods(opens in a new window).

Public and active transport, as well as shared vehicle occupancy, will help support vibrant locations and busy corridors.