Connected and automated vehicles

Connected and automated vehicle technology is developing rapidly and can bring significant road safety and economic benefits to Victoria.

What are automated vehicles?

Automated vehicles can perform some driving functions automatically, without the input of a human driver. Many new vehicles today have some level of driving automation, with one or more aspects of control such as acceleration, braking or steering performed by the vehicle only. Examples of partial automation currently available include Automatic Parking Assist and Automated Highway Driving.

What is connected vehicle technology?

Connected vehicle technology allows vehicles to exchange data through wireless communication. A vehicle could exchange information with other vehicles and road users, road infrastructure, public transport systems, cloud-based services, or with anyone who has a mobile device.

This technology could be used to warn drivers about road hazards or the presence of other road users. A connected vehicle has the potential to be used in situations that improve traffic flow and increase the efficiency of the road network.

Potential benefits

Improved road safety

Automated vehicles can significantly reduce crashes by mitigating human error and other factors that contribute to crashes such as fatigue and distraction. Connected vehicle technology can enhance an automated vehicle’s ability to detect and respond to perceived hazards.

Increased network efficiency

Connected and automated vehicles can improve traffic flow and create more predictable journeys through a more integrated transport network.

Increased productivity

An integrated transport network will significantly improve business productivity through more efficient travel. Automated vehicles will allow people to be more productive by using their travel time to do other things other than driving.

Increased energy efficiency

A more integrated road network will greatly reduce energy consumption through more efficient vehicles and driving and will remove the need for traditional infrastructure.

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