Over dimensional load permits

Find out when a permit is required for loads that cross railways or tramways and where load height, width and length exceed the allowable dimensions in metres.

When a is permit required

Loads that cross railways or tramways in Victoria and exceed dimensions prescribed under the Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983 require a permit.

Over dimensional load (ODL) permits contain conditions that users must follow to ensure the safe movement of vehicles, freight and large loads over railways and tramways in Victoria.

Maximum loads by height, width and length

Loads that cross railways or tramways and exceed the following dimensions require a permit.

Maximum allowableRailwayTramway
Height4.9 metres*4.3 metres
Width5.0 metres3.0 metres
Length26.0 metres26.0 metres

* May not apply in regional areas.

There is no weight limit for loads travelling across railways or tramways unless specified by a National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) permit. To apply for an NHVR oversize/overmass permit, visit nhvr.gov.au(opens in a new window).

For further information regarding over dimensional routes, visit the VicRoads heavy vehicle webpage(opens in a new window).

ODL permits to cross railways and tramways
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Applying for an over dimensional load permit

Applications for a permit and payment by credit card can be made on the VicRoads website(opens in a new window).

Class 1 applicants need to reference their NHVR permit or the relevant Gazette notice.

You are encouraged to nominate the most direct route to your destination with the least impact on amenity.

You are limited to one configuration per application. Applications for multiple configurations will not be accepted and you will be asked to reapply.

In most cases, a permit can be issued based on the information you supply. However, if an inspection is required, fees apply.

If rail safety is required at the proposed crossing, the management of rail traffic during your move is your responsibility to arrange, including any associated costs.

You may use any accredited third-party rail safeworking companies for this activity.

You can check the progress of your permit via email at odlpermit@roads.vic.gov.au or phone at 0417 054 626.

Permit fees and penalties

From 1 July 2020, in accordance with the Monetary Units Act 2004(opens in a new window) the value of a fee unit is $14.81 and the value of a penalty unit is $165.22.

Permit fees

A list of fees prescribed under the Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983 is available for download below:

  • 2020-21 Over Dimensional Load Fees (PDF 109 KB)
  • 2020-21 Over Dimensional Load Fees (XLSX 23 KB)


Failure to obtain a permit or comply with permit conditions may result in penalties prescribed under the Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983.

Contact us

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Email: odlpermit@transport.vic.gov.au