Victorian Rolling Stock Strategy

The Department of Transport and Planning is proud to release Made in Victoria for Victoria: Victorian Rolling Stock Strategy, the Victorian Government’s new rolling stock strategy.

Victoria- built rolling stock strategy

The Victorian Government has made a record investment in Victorian-built rolling stock. The government is supporting infrastructure since 2014, as part of the state’s wider transport infrastructure commitment.

Victoria is now the premier state for train, tram, and bus manufacturing in Australia. The state’s commitment to local manufacturing and maintenance has supported more than 10,000 jobs across the industry. Smallest local content quotas on all new rolling stock. Will result to thousands more jobs for Victorians over the coming years.

This strategy lays out the long-term investment plans for rolling stock. Which will Secure ongoing work for Victorian businesses and workers with a pipeline of orders.

With our transport sector, It is currently delivering one of the largest public investments ever committed to in Victoria. This strategy aims to provide Victorian manufacturers with certainty on future rolling stock orders. Investments in local supply chains, will supports our expert workforce here in Victoria.

A strong rolling stock industry is central to the success of the transport sector. This complement the state’s infrastructure investments through the Big Build. Which will ensure that our network can meet the future demands of our state.

Made in Victoria for Victoria – Victorian Rolling Stock Strategy
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Made in Victoria for Victoria – Victorian Rolling Stock Strategy.
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