Ports Safety and Environment Management Plans

Under the Port Management Act 1995 (the PMA) all managers of local and commercial ports must prepare a Safety Management Plan and an Environment Management Plan (together known as SEMPs).

SEMP Ministerial Guidelines

The ministerial guidelines for Port SEMPs are issued under section 91G of the Port Management Act 1995.

The guidelines are intended to assist port managers and auditors to understand the scope and requirements for the preparation of SEMPs and audits.

Ministerial guidelines for SEMP Nov 2012
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SEMP annual reports

The act requires all port managers to prepare a SEMP annual report on the safety and environmental performance of their port.

The SEMP annual report is to be provided to the Minister for Ports, the Environment Protection Authority Victoria, Transport Safety Victoria and WorkSafe Victoria.

SEMP auditors

The PMA stipulates management plans audited, by approved auditors, as complying with the requirements of the PMA and prepared in line with the ministerial guidelines.

Approval for SEMP auditors

Under the PMA, a SEMP must be audited by an auditor who has been approved by the Minister for Ports and Freight.

The most recent approvals of SEMP auditors given by the Minister for Ports and Freight expired in July 2023.

The Department will shortly commence a process to enable interested persons to nominate themselves to be considered for approval by the Minister for Ports and Freight as SEMP auditors for the period commencing 2024. Further information on the process will be published on this webpage in due course.