Our accessible transport plan

The Accessible Public Transport in Victoria Action Plan 2020 - 2024 identifies opportunities to improve the whole-of-journey experience for people living with disability by collectively identifying gaps in accessibility and exploring other transport options, including new and emerging transport solutions.

Transport Plan

The plan identifies opportunities to improve the whole-of-journey experience, including giving people living with disability the ability to plan their journey and access information when travelling, as well as getting physical access to better connected transport services.

Flexible transport solutions, including commercial passenger vehicles, can help provide first- and last-mile transport, reducing barriers to access. More broadly, accessible commercial passenger vehicles support people with disability when they encounter barriers to the transport system.

The plan is based on five priorities.

  • Customer, community and engagement: People with disability have equitable, dignified and responsive access to customer service and have the opportunity to interact and engage to identify continuous improvement.
  • Access to public transport services: People with disability will have increased access to train, tram, bus, coach, ferry and commercial passenger vehicle services, including responsive and timely information on disruptions, cancellations and major events.
  • Accessible processes and systems: People with disability will benefit from inclusive and accessible processes and systems.
  • Access to facilities: Universal design principles and dignified access to buildings and public transport infrastructure will be included in network expansions and upgrades.
  • Workplace accessibility: Inclusive practices for employment of people with disability will create accessible work environments.

The plan aims to position accessibility and inclusion as fundamental values where our employees at every level embrace the inclusion of people with disability.

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