Port Rail Shuttle

Victoria’s new Port Rail Shuttle Network is a step closer with the Victorian Government announcing a $28 million investment to connecting Salta’s freight terminal in South Dandenong to the rail network.

The Australian Government has invested $18.3 million in the project, and the Victorian Government is investing $9.7 million.

The work is being delivered by the Level Crossing Removal Project as part of the $1 billion Cranbourne Line Upgrade(opens in a new window).

Short-haul rail for freight is an opportunity to make a real difference to the way freight moves around Melbourne, reducing truck numbers in the inner city, removing congestion around the port and giving industry a more cost-effective way to get their products to market.

We’re working with the rail freight industry to make better use of our rail assets and supporting them with their investments that will shift freight from road to rail.

In late 2018, grant offers of nearly $26 million were made to Austrak and SCT Logistics to connect their facilities at Somerton and Altona respectively to the rail network.

This Government investment will see material amounts invested by each of these companies in further upgrades to their terminals.

Salta will also invest a material amount in its rail terminal.

The Victorian Government continues to plan and deliver priority rail freight projects, including the Port of Melbourne’s Port Rail Transformation Project, the Port Rail Shuttle Network initiative, a new crossing loop at Boorcan, a refurbished crossing loop at Murchison East, and the planning new intermodal terminals at Truganina and Beveridge.