Trams have been the lifeblood of Melbourne’s streets and supported our city’s growth for more than 135 years. They contribute to the economic vitality of the city and play a critical role in everyday life. They support simple, convenient connections between central Melbourne and the suburbs, enabling access to tourist destinations, jobs, healthcare, education, and social opportunities.

Melbourne's Tram Plan

Melbourne’s Tram Plan outlines how we will deliver a tram network that puts passengers first, connects people to the places they want to go and makes it easier for everyone to catch the tram. It identifies the best way to move forward and ensures Melbourne’s trams continue their critical role in moving locals and tourists alike.

The Tram Plan’s vision is to make trams more accessible and efficient and details how frequency, capacity and reliability can be improved, while cutting journey times and improving connectivity, and is complemented by the Big Build’s transformation of the transport network.

Work under the Tram Plan is already underway with the network preparing for the 100 Next Generation Trams and a new maintenance and stabling facility in Maidstone.

More than $60 million will prepare our tram network in the western suburbs for the new modern and accessible Next Generation Trams to be rolled out from 2025, and work is underway to deliver new level-access tram stops at six locations along La Trobe Street in central Melbourne.

We’ve also started planning on three corridors to investigate and design level access tram stop upgrades. Two of these corridors are along Route 86 in Melbourne’s inner north, which is serviced by low-floor E Class trams. The third corridor is along Route 82 in Footscray, which will be serviced by low-floor NGTs. For more information on the tram corridor projects visit the PTV website(opens in a new window).

Melbourne’s Tram Plan was developed using a passenger-centred, outcomes-based and integrated approach that aims to progressively build elements scaled to match the development of Melbourne’s activity centres and suburbs.

Melbourne’s iconic tram network is an important part of our transport story and the Tram Plan will help continue that story.

Melbourne's Tram Plan
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