Murray Basin Rail Project

The Murray Basin Rail Project will deliver important upgrades Victoria's rail freight network to meet increasing demand for freight services.

The project will drive economic growth, create jobs and provide a major boost to the transport industry, agricultural sector, and regional communities.

Revised business case

A revised business case for the Murray Basin Rail Project(opens in a new window) has been completed.

In developing the revised business case, we have considered what work is needed to optimise Victoria’s existing freight lines.

The Department of Transport and Rail Projects Victoria(opens in a new window) (RPV) carried out a series of detailed work, including:

  • Site assessments, walking the track to assess line conditions.
  • Network modelling to ensure sufficient train paths for the needs of the industry.
  • Reviewed the original project drivers and objectives assessing demand forecasts and investment logic mapping.
  • Consultation and feedback from primary producers and freight organisations.

A summary of the revised business case and the executive summary can be downloaded here:

Revised business case summary
PDF 1.53 MB
(opens in a new window)
Executive summary
PDF 235.11 KB
(opens in a new window)

The revised business case was completed and provided to the Commonwealth Government in May 2020.

Going forward, the Victorian and Commonwealth governments will jointly agree on the next steps.

The Department and RPV will continue to work closely with the Rail Freight Working Group and other key stakeholders as the next steps are jointly progressed.