The Housing Registrar

The Registrar of Housing Agencies (the Registrar), supported by the Office of the Housing Registrar (the Housing Registrar), is responsible for regulatory oversight of the community housing sector.

The Registrar is appointed by the Assistant Treasurer, who has portfolio responsibility for Part VIII of the Housing Act 1983 (Vic) (the Act) which establishes the Registrar and the regulatory framework.

The Housing Registrar is located in the Department of Treasury and Finance and supports the Registrar in discharging the duties, functions and powers under the Act.

The key functions of the Registrar are to register, regulate and develop the community housing sector in Victoria. The regulatory framework consists of Part VIII of the Act, gazetted performance standards and the Intervention Guidelines.

Victoria is not currently part of the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH). However, we work closely with the NRSCH Primary Registrars and the National Office, including participating in monthly Registrar Group meetings and working groups, to share information and learnings and reduce burden on interstate providers.

We contribute to the development, growth and continuous improvement of the community housing sector through effective regulation. To achieve this, we take an integrated approach to regulation that focuses both on the financial viability of registered agencies and the quality of rental housing services.

We are committed to proportionate and risk-based regulatory engagement to ensure our resources are focused on the greatest risks, harms and continuous improvement opportunities and to reduce the regulatory burden on registered agencies. We are focused on safeguarding and promoting the interests of tenants and prospective tenants who access community housing services provided by registered agencies.

This corporate plan sets out the Housing Registrar’s vision, purpose, principles and priorities for 2022-24.