Organisational excellence

This priority recognises the importance of maintaining a high-performing regulatory function supported by a positive culture that embraces continuous improvement.

The Housing Registrar is comprised of four teams of multidisciplined staff, each overseen by a Regulation Manager to resource our many and diverse activities. These teams are:

  • Strategy and Performance – oversees strategic planning, performance monitoring and reporting, and our business systems.
  • Registrations and Growth – responsible for registration assessments and supporting sector growth.
  • Compliance and Investigations – responsible for our compliance activities, including overseeing complex complaints and conducting investigations.
  • Finance – responsible for financial analysis of registered and prospective agencies, sector modelling, and funder engagement.

These four teams were established in 2021 to better focus and utilise our resources for effective regulation throughout the delivery of the Big Housing Build. Responsibility for ongoing regulatory engagement, monitoring and assessment sits across all four teams, with each registered agency assigned a regulatory analyst and a financial analyst.

In this plan we are focused on:

  • anticipating future challenges and opportunities and ensuring our workforce is equipped to respond and adapt
  • creating efficiencies wherever possible driven by ‘first principles thinking’ to ensure the best use of our limited resources
  • making it easier for the sector to engage with us through our systems, compliance and reporting channels, including designing more efficient processes supported by user friendly business systems
  • developing our skills and capabilities to continuously improve our regulatory practice.

Organisational excellence will assist us in the delivery of our other priorities and promote an agile approach. This will enable us to respond to emerging risks and future reform and implementation activities following government’s response to the SHRR findings.

In 2022-24, we will focus our resources on increasing efficiency and capability uplift.

Increasing efficiency

  • Support the growth of the community housing sector through faster registration assessment and approval timeframes.
  • Streamline our internal processes for annual compliance assessments to ensure best use of resources.
  • Improve our service delivery times for responding to, finalising, and monitoring complaints.
  • Review our internal complaints and investigations processes.

Capability uplift

  • Engage in communities of practice to identify emerging issues for the community housing sector.
  • Develop and implement a data validation strategy to identify issues and drive improvements for registered agency data integrity.
  • Strengthen our financial modelling and forecasting capabilities.