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Manage your ARBV registration

Use the ARBV Portal to renew your individual registration, company or partnership approval. You can also log in to make changes to your registration status and update your contact details.

Access the ARBV Portal

Use the portal to:

  • renew your individual registration or company/partnership approval
  • change your registration status
  • make changes to a company or partnership registration
  • revoke a suspended registration
  • update your contact details.

For information about applying for individual registration, company or partnership approval for the first time, visit registering as an architect.

Log in to the ARBV Portal

How to access the ARBV Portal

ARBV Portal Guide
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Change your registration class – for architects

If your circumstances change, you may need to change your class of registration from practising to non-practising, or vice versa.

If you change your class of registration to non-practising and remain in the non-practising class for more than 2 years, you will be required to provide additional information when you apply to go back to the practising class and you may need to complete a further assessment. You will also be required to pay an assessment fee.

Change of class assessment

The change of class assessment draws from the performance criteria (PCs) in the National Standard of Competency for Architects (the NSCA). The focus of the questions is on PCs 1, 5 and 9.  

Architects should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the regulatory framework. This includes an understanding of:

  • the Architects Act and the Architects Regulations, including the Victorian Architects Code of Professional Conduct, with specific reference to relevant legislative provisions and clauses of the Code that underpin professional obligations.

Architects should also be able to:

  • provide details on the type and scale of projects they were involved in while in the practising class 
  • demonstrate their understanding of procurement methods, in particular those that relate to their work experience
  • demonstrate their knowledge of relevant building codes, standards, technical specifications and guidelines
  • articulate the importance of client architect agreements and the relationship the agreements have with procurement methods.

If responses to the assessment are not adequate, an interview may be required.

When submitting a change of class application to go back to the practising class, please ensure that you also update your employment information, which includes making sure you are covered by appropriate professional indemnity insurance.

Change of Class to Practising applications that are incomplete cannot be progressed until the employment and professional indemnity insurance information has been provided. This information can be provided via your individual profile in the ARBV Portal.

Non-practising architects

Think carefully before deciding to change your registration to a non-practising architect. Even if you only undertake a small number of projects each year or work for free, you must hold the correct registration.

Architects (non-practising) must not provide architectural services, even when working for an approved company or partnership.

To change your class of registration, log in to the ARBV Portal and select the relevant option on your dashboard.

Obtain proof of your registration

If you need to provide evidence of your registration to third parties, you can access proof of your registration via the ARBV Portal.

This is available for Architects (practising), Architects (non-practising), Companies and Partnerships.

If you need to obtain more extensive proof of your registration, you can request a certified extract of the register, which includes details of your registration history.

If you need a certified extract of the register, send an email to This may take up to 10 business days to be provided and includes the history of your registration.

Update your contact details

To update details such as your phone number and postal address, log in to the relevant profile in the ARBV Portal. Hover over the name of the profile you have logged into, select the 'Profile' menu item and select 'Edit' to make changes.

If you are an individual architect and need to change your name, email with this request. You will need to provide an official document that confirms your name change.

Companies and partnerships that need to update their name on the register need to submit the relevant application via the ARBV Portal. See information about this above.

All registrants (i.e. individuals, companies and partnerships) who need to change the email address associated with their ARBV profile, please email with this request.

Renew, change or cancel your registration