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Manage your ARBV registration

To manage your registration or application for registration, you can use the ARBV Portal. Through the portal, you can apply for registration, update your details and make payments.

Access the ARBV Portal

The ARBV Portal allows you to manage your registration. Use the portal to:

  • apply for individual registration
  • apply for company or partnership approval
  • renew your registration or approval
  • make payments
  • change your details.

Log in to the ARBV Portal

View instructions on how to access the ARBV Portal:

Renew, change or cancel your registration

  • To maintain your registration, you may be required to pay an annual renewal fee. Architects (practising), companies and partnerships must pay an annual renewal fee. Architects (non-practising) do not need to pay an annual renewal fee.

    Annual renewal fees are due before 1 July each year. Your registration is valid from the time it is granted by the ARBV to 30 June in the same financial year. The ARBV will send renewal notices to registrants when the renewal period begins each year.

    If you don't pay your annual renewal fees, the ARBV may suspend your registration as an architect and/or your approval as a company or partnership.

    Find out more about registration fees.

    Renew your registration on the ARBV Portal

    View instructions on how to renew your registration:

  • If your circumstances change, you may need to change your class of registration from practising to non-practising, or vice versa.

    If you have been registered as a non-practising architect for more than 2 years, you may need to complete an assessment before you can change your registration to practising architect. You will also be required to pay an assessment fee.

    Think carefully before deciding to change your registration to non-practising architect. Even if you only undertake a small number of projects each year or work for free, you must hold the correct registration.

    To change your class of registration, log in to the ARBV PortalExternal Link and select the option on your dashboard.

  • If you wish to change the nominated director or partner of an approved company or partnership, you can do so via the ARBV PortalExternal Link .

    When completing the application, you will be required to complete the statutory declaration below and upload it to the application. Statutory declarations must be signed by an authorised statutory declaration witness.

  • If you are registered as an architect (practising), you cannot cancel your registration, but you can change it to non-practising. Find information above on changing your class of registration.

    If you are an architectural company or partnership, you can cancel your approval if you stop trading. To cancel your approval, log into the company or partnership profile via the ARBV PortalExternal Link .

  • If you need to obtain proof of your registration, you can request a certified extract of the register, which includes details of your registration history.

    If you need a certified extract of the register, email

Reviewed 16 May 2022

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